“The genuine rear shock break of the FFOS high -priced tune is not as good as Orleans.”

The genuine rear shock break of FFOS full tunes specification is not inferior to Orleans.

as a matter of fact,

When B -Square Racing, a customer of our company, participated in Suzuka 8H

Both Orleans TTX36 and genuine normal

We tuned the suspension at our company

Both 2013 and 2014

In the qualifying of DRY

The tires are commercially available Dunlop Slick

The best time is out of the genuine rear shock FFOS full tune.

FFOS Hypertiun Genuine Rear Shock Kai

Feeling advantage is

It has a sense of ground contact and stroke that comes from high operability that surpasses Orleans.

The raceweek of the above 2014 Suzuka 8H is

Even in the paddock of the Suzuka Circuit

In fact, the real rumor that I made Takashima as Sakakibara Cate was washed away and closed …

This 2014 season

In 2011/10/06, Suzuka’s TSR Honda and Suzuka’s OVER racing

In the Great Earthquake of 2011.3.11, the economy suddenly deteriorated

In addition to the fact that I use Takashima as Sakakibara Cate

By shed that Takashima escaped at night

After driving into a situation that doesn’t work

Organized intimidation, business obstruction, killing notice

By fraud

By Honda’s officer order

Based on the drawing that we deceived from us

A copy produced by SHOWA, a 100%subsidiary of Honda

Incorporated FFOS new damper piston,

Works SHOWA Use Balance Free Susus Pension

Kawasaki Works ZX-10R

In the previous year 2013

Based on the achievement of the first world superbike champion

Honda is even in 2014 MOTOGP machine

Since the satellite team was forced to use the above suspension,


Perhaps because I had to drive Takashima to suicide and kill me.

Sakakibara Cate in Takashima. Be

In fact, a royal rumor

From the 2014 season

Living in Kogaura, Suzuka City

Suzuka Circuit Tanaka is the president

Honda Mobility Land runs,

Suzuka Circuit officials were playing the race participants.

As of 2013, as of 2013

I disappeared and committed suicide. With

In fact, there is no roots,

Organized by TSR Honda people involved

— I, even though I lived and worked in Suzuka City normally! —

Because I was widely believed in the industry

In 2014

Customers in Takashima

Very active in racing, etc.

For Honda, it must have been.

— Do you want to say TSR Honda for Honda’s original technology made by Sakakibara Sate? —

That’s why TSR Honda relentlessly flushes Sakakibara Cate’s rumor.

However, I rather than commit suicide

Suspension tuning technology

Relax dramatically,

— I’m Takashima, I’m a type that is clear enough to be under pressure —

2014 Suzuka 8H Public Test

Both before and after

We tuned the genuine SHOWA suspension at our company

B Square Racing-like Kawasaki ZX-10R

Use the above Works SHOWA

Kawasaki TeamGreen’s Works ZX-10R

The remarkable results were given

In the final round of the last year’s 2013 NGK Cup

Use our tutue suspension

Similarly B -Square Racing

After winning the same day with JSB1000/ST600

It ’s no good,

During this 2014 season

Honda MOTOGP machine

To develop the above Works SHOWA

SHOWA engineers who should have come to the MotoGP site

I never come to MotoGP

Only in the 2014 season

The above Works SHOWA has been removed from the MotoGP machine and is in the store.

All the teams that were forced to use Works SHOWA have moved to Ducati.

So, this matter is more familiar with MotoGP officials of Italian Ducati …

In other words, Honda/HRC killed me Takashima,

Assuming that you will be buried from this world

Works SHOWA Balance Free Susus Pension

It means that it was adopted in the 2014 Honda MOTOGP machine.

HRC and TSR Honda are the first

This blog is the result of Honda -related people who failed by conducting joint conspiracy.

In addition, HRC in 2014

Was supplied to the satellite team

Works SHOWA Balance Free Susus Spension adopted for RC213V

According to MotoGP riders using this

“I don’t stroke to the back.”

It is said that there was a problem,

this is,

In the 2016-2017 season of the world endurance EWC

Repeat the rider

Like the TSR Honda who was sent to the hospital

I cheated from us

The direction of the stretch/pressure of the damper piston


On the contrary, because it was assembled

It is hard to sink,

It has a balance that is easy to stretch

I couldn’t show the original performance,

It’s hard to bend

It is said that suspension grows where unexpected

It is thought that it was a low and dangerous motorcycle with low traction.

Pachimon is a damaged mon 💧

You’ve been exposed to everything, right? SHOWA’s beard dance Suzuki -kun

The pressure side is more than the extension side

The stroke speed is overwhelmingly fast, so

The pressure side makes the orifice bigger

If you do not increase the oil flow than the extension side, it will be easier to lock the damper.

Reverse this,

If you grow the pressure orifice small and increase the orifice

The moment when the stroke stops rapidly after locking

It grows at a stretch, causing incapable behavior.

By the way, I was deceived by Suzuka on 2011/10/06,

the first

In the 2D drawing of our original FFOS Damperpiston,

I did not write the direction of growth/pressure,

Aside from this,

In the fall of 2011, after everything was tricked

At the beginning of 2012, I Takashima

In each Kakigagahara

In the drawings designed by borrowing 3D-CAD in VRTC

The specification of the extension/pressure direction is described,

It is from the VRTC Secretariat

Kawasaki Heavy Industries/Kawasaki seconds

From the terminal of the secretariat

Look at it without permission

Because I knew the correct growth/pressure,

— Sora VRTC says, “Please come forever because you don’t have to pay the CAD fee.”

Kawasaki adopted from the 2012 season

Works SHOWA Balance Free Susus Pension

Because Kawasaki himself had improved,

It is thought that there was no problem with the World Super Bike ZX-10R.

2D drawings and prototypes of our original FFOS Damperpiston on 2011/10/06

Immediately after being deceived, in 2011/10/11

SHOWA is making FFOS Damperpiston in a hurry,

How should I deal with it because it can’t be processed as shown in the drawing? I want you to tell me. When,

There is an inquiry through a machine tool trading company

What a mess! ! ! I thought,

I think I might come out to the world if I tell you now

I kindly told me


In time for the public test on the day after the final round of the World Super Bike

The time was 0.8 seconds faster than the final round of the previous day, and it was officially adopted.

I don’t even have one yen! ! !

Why do you imitate such a feces?

Beard dance Suzuki -kun

Do you pay 100 million yen personally? Thank you so much ❤

In other words, the problem was

Including 슬롯머신 the All Japan Team Green ZX-10R

Only Works SHOWA developed by SHOWA in Japan.

right? ❤

Beard dance SHOWA Suzuki -kun? ?

You are technically technically for a damper shop

I didn’t know what was going to be very obvious, so I stolen it from my house? ? ? There is no ginger xx

And is the 2014 Suzuka 8H raceweek hungry?

The first official practice started

In just 5 minutes

Honda Team Asia operated by TSR

In the machines, the faster machine was scrapped and was scrapped.

↑ This is a corner where many riders are dead, so the rider was safe and above all …

The above accidents are

2014 At the beginning of Suzuka 8H summary

Mr. Mishina Ana and Mr. Satoshi Tsujimoto of the commentary

Please confirm that it has been talked about as a big problem in the background of Honda Team Asian vehicles.

TSR Honda from 2015,

I heard that ↑ was expelled from the All Japan Road Race.

In addition, in the above -mentioned 2014 Suzuka 8H public test

In the hardware,

Team Green Works ZX-10R + BS Super Rain Tire

When you are in the 10th place in the narrow margin

Both the front/rear of the genuine suspension

With FFOS full tunes,

The tires were using Dunlop commercially available rainy tires.

By the way, BS Super Rain Tire is

Because it is possible to run 30 seconds faster than the commercially available Dunlop Train tires.

FFOS full tune

Lap 30 seconds

For BS Super Rain Tires that can run fast,

Reasons for catching up with commercially available Dunlop Relop Tire.

It emphasizes load transfer from the front to the rear,

It is the high and superiority of FFOS full tunes with high traction performance and superiority.

The rear tires are glued to the road surface with the spring reaction force of the front G created by the turning G.

This is the absolute area of ​​the Super handling machine.

In other words, it is not for sale only for Works

For Works Machine + BS Super Rain Tire

You can compete with commercially available machines + commercially available Dunlop tires

FFOS Full Tune Suspension is a “flying tool” where you can buy private.

Also, before we were in charge of the suspension

Both 2011 and 2012

B Square Study

Fucking as fast as a workma machine

For the 195ps engine before the chassisidai correction

Even in genuine suspension

Even if it is Orleans TTX36

For commercial tires

I couldn’t create enough grip and missed the finish

2013 and 2014

Orleans TTX36FFOS tune

Because the stability for heat is higher than the genuine rear shock modification

8H Use for final race

Even with commercially available tires

B Square Tune without losing the power of E/G

Demonstrate stability that the feeling does not change from beginning to end

He contributed to the Suzuka 8H race for the second consecutive year.

↑ This is also

Isn’t it surprising to the Suzuka 8H Entrand, which struggled with the early TTX36?

And in the suspension of our FFOS tuning

Both genuine rear shock breaks and TTX36FFOS tuits

Even when the tracon breaks down

I’ve never fallen in a high side! ! !

Because by FFOS full tune

Since there is almost no intervention of tracon,

Even if the tracon breaks down

Originally, there is almost no power save, so

Even if there is no tracon, there is no big difference.

The following year 2015

B Square Racing

Participated in the joint with another team

In 2015 Suzuka 8H

The same rider as 2013 and 2014

B Square Studune engine,

Work stunner

Tuned by Hosoya

With the combination of Orleans TTX-GP,

Despite the fact that the machine has been scrapped from a high -side fall …

That is the advantage of FFOS full tunes that emphasize the rear traction.

FFOS full tune

Regardless of genuine or Orleans

The potential of the rider and the machine can be brought out more than enough. That is ❤

Furthermore, we adopted a dual rebound restructor

In the FFOS full tune after the latest 2021.09spec

In addition to the height of the traction

It works for time -up,

It has both high athletic performance and stability.

It used to be King Kenny

It is an absolute area that balances ultra -music rear slide and high traction ♬

In addition, the rear slide is

It ’s not drifting

With the maximum efficiency and 7%slide rate,

More than when you are not slipping at all


It is a state where the road surface is eaten and gripped.

As a result, from the course side

It doesn’t seem to be slipping at all

Physical law

It’s a tight line as if you ignored it

While the suls -through turns, the machine extends forward forward and Iku.

Make the tires eat the road without taking a flashy behavior.

That is the “ultimate area” that FFOS Full Tune aims for ❤

The feeling of genuine rear shock breaks is

It is a mellow and high-quality finish than the latest Orleans TTX-GP2018 ❤

However, the tuning of the genuine rear shock is

The unit equipped with a nitrogen gas injection valve is eligible.

Also, if the Orleans 46 things are constructed FFOS full tunes.

The feeling is equivalent to the TTX-GP2018,

If TTX is constructed into FFOS tunes, it will be a higher quality finish.

By the way, from the customer

When you receive a suspension consultation

In a common story

According to the advice of the famous top rider in the race

After resetting

There are quite a lot of patterns that are not very good but I can’t ride.

What kind of setting? When you ask

Mostly, in the direction of pulling out the initials with a pretty hard spring rate

The rider is on how to ride

It is a setting that does not come out if you do not match it quite a bit.

And, regardless of how to ride, I can’t deny that it is rugged,

In poor roads, it tends to bounce.

Of course, in such a setting,

It is difficult to run on public roads because it is dedicated to the circuit, so

The specifications of the suspension itself

According to the terms of use,

Do you want to harden? Do you want to soften? You have to choose in advance.

In our company

With that in mind, we do not build suspension.

Regardless of use conditions, road conditions, or rider’s technical level,

The aim is to create a universal suspension with a wide range that can be used widely.

The concept to achieve that is FFOS.


With the abbreviation of Factory Flat Out Suspensions

Frequency Flexible Optimized Suspensions

・ Frequency frequency and frequency

・ Flexible flexible, flexible, supple

・ Optimized optimized

・ SUSPENSIONS suspension

A suspension that is flexible and supple and optimized for frequency changes.

It also has the meaning.

In other words, the hardness changes depending on the movement of the suspension and the input.

FFOS aims to move without resistance

Energy of speed that occurs during driving

It is a de facto infinite damper that can all be attenuated.

If it is such a damper,

You don’t have to stop the energy of the speed with a spring rate, so

The severity of the spring rate and setting is gone,

With one spring rate, you can adapt to a wide range of driving conditions.

In other words, FFOS

You can follow the road surface with a strange reaction like a living thing,

It is also our determination to become a magical suspension maker.

To get there

Upgraded once a month or more

Or develop new parts

We obligate “evolution” at the same speed as the world’s most advanced level.

In particular, the rear shock of FFOS high prisons is

Regardless of Orleans bass, genuine base, twin shock, or mono -shock

In any of them

“Vertical slipping”, a top rider’s technique, is an easy finish.

What is vertical slipping?

With the corner rising,

When I opened it until the rear tires slip,

The rider puts the load and ties the tires on the road.

By further open,

Acceleration G presses the rear tires on the road surface

Do not let the drive force be escaped

With “Ultimate Power Slide” that slides towards the front

It is a technique that can efficiently convey the driving force to the road surface rather than when gripping.

And with the 7%slide that demonstrates the maximum driving force

The rear tire contact surface

As a result of moving to a little out

It is before the engine crank axis

The front tire contact surface,

Move to the inn just a little

Even if you turn while turning the handle into in,

You can realize an ideal turning posture that does not depend on the grip of the front tire.

If it becomes ↑,

Even if you do it while opening

Without the front tires, they didn’t turn resistance,

The rear is

The nose is getting more and more

It stretches forward while turning so you can open it.

Furthermore, by 7%ideal slide

Small tail wasching,

Not only the driving force that depends on the rear tire grip

In the vertical movement of the swing arm,

By kicking the road surface

Because the body is pushed forward forward,

There is also an advantage in the tire life at the end of the race.

The rear shock of the FFOS high prison is

With the ideal turning posture above

To create high tractions with ideal slides

Assuming the characteristics of a supple spring

Use high initial set loads in combination

With FFOS Hyupri Spring,

For changes in stroke position/speed/acceleration/frequency

With the balance of damper growth pressure

By combining the FFOS damper that optimizes the attenuation characteristics,


Maintain the loaded state,

Depending on the acceleration force of opening the throttle

The rear tires are pressed on the road surface

The genius rider’s skills are realized more safely with the characteristics of the suspension.

And the front FFOS Super/Ultra Hyupuri specification fork is

Above, the job of the rear

By supporting from the front desk

Improving traction and the difficulty of wheelie further enhance acceleration performance.

The front fork of FFOS Super Hyupuri TUNED is

B Square Racing TUNED

The 195ps ZX-10R before the chassisidai correction

The moment you open it from Fulbank,

There is too much power

With full bank

Despite being around the front of the front desk

It is a technology developed to suppress the rise of the front desk without permission.

When opened from Fulbank

Without the front desk,

By spring reaction force

Downforce generated,

The front tire is pressed against the road

If the front tires are firmly grabbed the road surface,

It is generated when the load comes off

It doesn’t become a “counter steer” where the steering angle looks out

The ideal turning status that turns the nose to the rear axis can be realized.

Create a front contact feeling in acceleration turning.

Create downforce to the rear tires by the front ground contact force at the time of acceleration.

This is the aim of Total tuning before and after FFOS at the front/rear set.

FFOS total tuning

Regardless of use conditions, road conditions, or rider’s technical level,

It is evolving in pursuit of universal suspension construction with wide range that can be used widely.

Intellectual, wild, brilliant

The setup of suspension is an intellectual and adult play ♪


Hiroshi Takashima


Characteristics of a woman who can marry a rich man

Humans are “equal while being born.”

This is the fundamental way of human rights in modern society.

But on the other hand, as “parent gacha” has been talked about, humans cannot choose parents, places to be born, or raised environments.

In fact, the higher the parent’s annual income, the higher the child’s academic ability is proved by the data ( *).

In living, we encounter many “born but fraud” situations.

Kaede Wakabayashi (27) from a middle -class family, Kaede Wakabayashi (27), also realizes a lot of inequality in the marriage hunting market in Tokyo.

( *) Ochanomizu Women’s University “Research on professional analysis related to surveys and academic ability, etc.”

▶ Last time: A 27 -year -old woman who is married has the best offer, saying, “I will not be inconvenienced for the rest of my life.” Nevertheless, the woman couldn’t accept it

“Huh … it’s nice.”

No matter how many times you come, your sigh will leak. I was now standing in front of a low -rise apartment in Hiroo.

The lush landscape that spreads out in the gate has a quietness and calm that makes you forget that this is a prime location in Tokyo.

Once at the gate entrance once at the apartment entrance. And once again before riding the elevator. After a total of three security, I finally reached the target room.

“Kaede -chan, welcome you”

It was Juri who opened the door and greeted me.

A natural winner. That applies to women as well as women.

Does the marriage work well? Can you marry a wonderful person who earns extraordinary annual income?

This is also deeply related to the birth of the woman.

What is the difference between a woman who can step up and a woman who can’t do it with the chance of “marriage”?

A woman’s characteristics to marry a rich man

“Kaede -chan, it’s been a long time.”

“I haven’t heard from you! Thank you for your invitation today. This is a boring thing …”

Give the souvenirs that I bought in Ebisu to Juri. But what should I buy for these people?

“Oh, thank you. I didn’t have to worry about it.”

Today was Hompa hosted by Juri.

A large room surrounded by simple but nice furniture that looks very high -quality.

On a large dining table that makes you want to count how many people you are hanging, Baccarat wine glasses are lined up like a shop.

A beautiful green is seen from the window of the living room, and the wall is stylish on the wall. If you look over Juri’s room again, you will sigh.

“Huh … Juri -san is really nice, isn’t it?”

“Kaede Yada, what happened to the change? Sit, sitting! It’s a wine party today, so let’s drink it early.”

She makes a beautiful smile and makes her smile unintentionally.

But as I talked, I realized that I couldn’t get a life like her.

Today, there were about two friends of Juri besides me.

All three have a dazzling shine at hand. At first glance, I wear it casually, but high -brand high -quality knits and dresses.

The aura was completely different from me.

“The annual Gala Party, I wonder if this year is no good.”

“That’s right. It’s about time. Speaking of Juri, what is this year in Paris?”

“I’m thinking of going to NY and Hawaii at the beginning of the year. I want to meet the children living there.”

“I wonder if I will go. I have to look at the villa in Hawaii soon.”

It is too high level to enter the conversation at all. At this point, I feel like I’m watching Netflix or some reality show.

“Everyone is amazing …”

The only word comes out.

By the way, Juri’s husband is an executive officer of a foreign investment bank.

Shizuka, sitting next to her, is a rumor that her husband has been listed and has gained huge assets (Juri said so).

And the other was Hanako, who married a son of a global company that everyone knew.

Everyone is gorgeous, beautiful, and gentle.

While watching them, she wanted to ask. How did she get her current life?

She has been dating a variety of men recently, so she has been worried all the time. Is it possible to marry a rich man who is a family?

Marriage is a great opportunity to scale up your life. I wanted to know if I could get that chance.

“Kaede -chan, how about recently? Are you busy?”

Juri talked about it, and I started talking here.

“I’m actually married recently, but it doesn’t work … Where did you meet a wonderful partner?”

Things that women should have to become an overwhelming winner in Tokyo

Grow, youth, beautiful look?

For a moment, I immediately found that the three had a troubled expression. But I couldn’t help listening.

“That’s right. Kaede -chan, how many now?”

“I’m 27 years old”

“It’s such a age”

The three nodded. Shizuka suddenly became a serious face, and she stared at me.

“I’m sorry, but Kaede -chan.” Grow, youth, beautiful appearance. “What do you think she is?”


I couldn’t say anything.

“Well, Shizuka -san. It’s a liquor seat, let’s go to light.”

Mr. Juri, who realized that I was solid, tried to get in, but Shizuka continued.

“No, not to scare, but if she wanted a really nice man, she would like to give a concrete advice. hey”

“Yes! Please!”

Then, Shizuka explained it very clearly.

“First of all, grew up. As you know, this is important because many Japanese large companies have a focus on their family.

The level is completely different from women who can only meet men who grow up in a cheap place, drinking gala, drinking gala. … You know that, right? “

“Yes,” I nodded a little. On a recent date, I felt painfully.

“Next, youth. It’s annoying and cruel for women …”

Shizuka continues with a little eyes down.

“Many houses have a successor problem, and many people offer age as a condition for marriage.

I am 27 years old, how much are I am now? I knew that young women were preferred, but the real story hurts my heart.

“Finally, beautiful appearance. If you want to marry a rich man, this is the only ticket.”

So, I look at Shizuka again. She may be about 170cm tall. The face with a ridiculously long and thin limbs and a beautifully arranged face of 1mm.

It was just “overwhelming beauty”.

In response to Shizuka’s point, I look again at Juri sitting next to her.

She heard that she was attending a boarding school abroad when she was a student. She must have her own family.

And Hanako is also leaking the atmosphere of a rather chic feeling.

The road left to me who is not grown is only overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I haven’t reached that level. Then why should I compete? With a feeling of despair, the front is dark.

After all, women are born, but the “future” is decided.

Women who can marry a ridiculously high -level person are originally equipped. Before the game of marriage starts, he gets his weapons firmly and stands by in perfect condition.

On the other hand, we ordinary people have no equipment and are at the starting point naked.

“I don’t even have a game …”

Only the princess chooses the Hakuba prince.

She is 27 years old. She was reminded again that she had to take her real position and her reality soon.

Perhaps because of that, she didn’t know the taste of the high wine he drank later.

▶ Last time: A 27 바카라검증사이트 -year -old woman who is married has the best offer, saying, “I will not be inconvenienced for the rest of my life.” Nevertheless, she couldn’t agree with a woman

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