“Status report”


I’m hitting early

Normally 800

No change

I use it for Bancho

Rather than eating together with pachinko MEMBER

Isn’t it more reasonable to rob the slot budget?

If you say the morning, everyone can be tamed

Pachinko is limited to opening

A hits but B hits


The amount in my hand does not change

The irregular yan to steal from the slot

+α Yashi

If I’m a boss

For the time being, I can hit it, so it’s a day without comments

There are days when I get stuck ( ̄ ー  ̄)

I will continue to turn!

“Redme Note 11 Pro 5G”, which is announced on May 19 by Xiaomi, which is launching low -priced models one after another, supports high -speed 5G communication, is equipped with FeliCa that considers using it in Japan, and the camera is 180 million. It is a high -performance product equipped with pixels. Reservations will be made from May 19 and will be released on May 30. The price is 44,800 yen. [Comparison photo] “Redmi Note 11 Pro 5g” 18 billion pixel camera REDMI Note 11 Pro 5g is a middle high -range class smartphone that uses Snapdragon 695 5G as a chip set. The screen is an organic EL with a 6.67 inch, which supports 120Hz high -speed drive, and has a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels. The screen is bright and the screen is bright, the touch sampling rate is 360Hz, which is a good response and can be used for games. The screen embedded front camera is 16 million pixels. On the other hand, when you look at the back, the word “108m” is proudly printed around the camera. The main camera is 18 million pixels, with a total of three ultra -wide -angle and 2 million pixels macros. It is equipped with a high -performance camera equivalent to a high -end model. The body size is 164.1×76.1×8.12mm and 202g. Although the corner is slightly rounded, it has the impression that it has a square shape overall, and has a flat frame shape. The color of the model to be reviewed this time is “Graphite Gray”, but there are a total of three color variations, “Polar White” and “Atlantic Blue”. On the right side of the main unit, a power button and a volume adjustment button that also serve as a fingerprint authentication sensor are lined up. There are no buttons or slots on the left side. The bottom of the main unit is equipped with a USB Type-C terminal and a Nano SIM card slot. The battery supports 67W fast charging with 5000mAh. 50 % can be charged in 15 minutes and can be used about a day. Since this quick charger is sold attached to the main unit, it does not need to be purchased separately. In addition, the REDMI series has a 3.5mm headphone terminal, and the REDMI Note 11 Pro 5g is also equipped with a terminal at the top of the main unit. The OS is equipped with Android 11 and is equipped with “MIUI 13” customized by Xiaomi. The unique pre -installed app is Xiao Mistore. Calculators, compasses, recorders, scanners, etc. are also showomi original. It also has Netflix and third -party games. And a model -specific app for Japan, Osaifu -Keitai, has already been built. Looking at the setting screen, the storage is 128GB. The memory is 6GB. In the display setting, the refresh rate can be switched to 120Hz and 60Hz. The 120Hz enables a smoother scrolling, but the power consumption increases, so it is better to switch according to the usage scene. The SIM card is compatible with two, but one of them is a virtual card, not a physical SIM. You can also use multiple ESIM profiles and switch numerous carriers. The communication method supports 5G. When I put a SIM of DOCOMO (AHAMO) as a trial, I was automatically set and I was able to communicate data immediately. When I used it in the 5G area outdoors, I could catch 5g radio waves firmly. Even with SIM -free model, it 온라인카지노 seems that the use of 5G is not a problem. Since it is also sold from Rakuten Mobile, there is no problem using the company’s 5G network. The 5G compatible band is N3 / N28 / N41 / N77 / N78. Looking at the back of the main unit, there is a FeliCa logo on the right of the camera. Some models in Japan in the REDMI series are not equipped with FeliCa, but this Redme Note 11 Pro 5G is the top model in the series, so I put FeliCa. Although it will be more costly than a global model, you will be enthusiastic about selling it firmly for Japan. The camera user interface is easy to use without habit. The shooting mode is “professional”, “video”, “photo”, “portrait”. When you turn sideways, swipe from the left side to the inside will display the setting menu related to the shooting. Image size, self -timer, macro shooting, etc. can be set. On the other hand, when you swipe the screen from the right to the center, the “Other” mode appears. Standard cameras are usually taken with 12 million pixels, and when shooting with 18 million pixels, it is necessary to switch from here. Since this switch is used unexpectedly frequently, it seems that it is more convenient to switch using the previous shooting setting menu instead of in other modes. Let’s look at the actual examples below. First, I compared the difference in magnification. The upper left is 0.6 times, the upper right is 1x, the lower left is digital twice, and the lower right is 10 times digital. It is easy to take landscape photos because there is 0.6 times (ultra wide angle). Also, if you look at the smartphone screen or SNS, you can use it twice as much as digital. 10 times the digital is a place to use it for recording because the finish is rough. In the shooting of 18 billion pixels, the details remain even if a part of the photo is cut out. It seems to be a good way to use 18 billion pixels, cut out the necessary parts later and upload them to SNS. The effect of blur in portrait shooting is not bad. If you are about a few meters away, the background blows firmly. In the night mode, it will be a “shining” photo much more bright than it actually. Night view shooting is fun, such as expressing the clouds in the night sky firmly. And macro shooting can approach up to about 4cm, so you can take a meal like this. If you want to copy the full view of the meal, it is enough to be standard instead of macros, but it is interesting to take a picture closer depending on the ingredients and dishes. Xiaomi’s smartphone has a prominent price entry product, but Redme Note 11 Pro 5g is a high -performance product that supports high -performance cameras and 5G, and has a fairly high cost performance. It will be suitable for replacements for those who use entry models and those who continue to use high -end models several years ago.