Rumors that Canon EOS R7 is being developed as a higher APS-C-size mirrorless model

Rumors that Canon EOS R7 is being developed as a high-end model of APS-C size mirrorless models, Canon is developing Canon EOS R7, a high-end model of APS-C’s mirrorless camera. Rumors are still unknown, but if it is true, Canon will finally go in the direction of consolidating mirrorless cameras into R mount. Canon has started a mirrorless camera from its own EOS M with its own EF-M mount. This was an APS-C lens replacement digital camera, followed by EOS M6 Markii as an EOS M series. The M6 ​​MKII used a CMOS image sensor of about 32.5 million pixels with surface irradiation. On the other hand, Canon released the 35mm mirrorless camera EOS R in 2018. This was against the Sony α7 series, which has rapidly increased its share with a 35mm trial mirrorless camera. I had a somewhat rapid impression, and I couldn’t compete with Sony α7III, which was already a bestseller at that time, but I managed to take the share of a 35mm trial mirrorless camera from Sony to some extent in the Canon brand image. 。 In 2020, his favorite EOS R5 and EOS R6 were released, and the share was rapidly expanded with the brand image, of course, and approached Sony’s stronghold. Up to this point, Canon’s attitude toward mirrorless cameras was the 35mm EOS R series, and the APS-C size was an EOS M series that came to the EOS Kiss M2. However, the stock of EOS M6 Markii is small, and it is expected that sales will end in the near future. Will Canon unify all mirrorless cameras with RF mounts, or will APS-C become an RF mount for a luxury machine and an EF-M 크레이지슬롯 mount?

The rumored EOS R7 specifications are APS-C format (as before, Canon’s unique sensor size, or 1.5 times the sensor size of a crop factor that has been aligned with other companies?). Although it is a back -irradiation type, it seems that it is not a laminated type, but it is a completely new image sensor, not the surface irradiation type of R5 and R6, the back -irradiated layer type of R3. As we endoring it, the number of pixels is about 32 million pixels, which is different from about 45 million pixels of R5, about 20 million pixels of R6, and R3 about 24 million pixels. However, it is close to about 32.5 million pixels of APS-C EOS M6 MKII. The continuous shooting speed of the R7 is about 20 frames per second, which is lined up with R5 and R6 (probably when using electronic shutters), differentiated from about 30 frames per second. The recording media is CFEXPRESSS TYPE B and SD UHS-II, which will be inherited from R5, R6, and R3. However, if you make a double slot, you will be wondering what the body size of the camera will be and what will be the price. Is it a replacement of EOS RP, which sells at a 35mm mirrorless camera that sells at a low price and low price? The official announcement is rumored to be August, so by that time, rumors and leaks may come out. Again, it’s just a rumor, so it’s just half expectation. Take JPEG. It was taken in early May 2019, but it is still the “Hinomaru composition”. However, I don’t always think that the “Hinomaru composition” is bad, so I use such an image for cut photos with a calm face (laughs). Even if I took JPEG, there was no red saturation, and there were almost no other colored cubs (strongly, if it was a little bluish), it was a beautiful image. Canon EOS 7D Markii, Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3, aperture F8, 1/500 seconds, AWB, ISO auto.

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Vegas Restaurant Series

I went to Picasso, a Michelin 2 -star restaurant to decorate the last night of Vegas.

They are also promoting the Michelin 2 -star restaurant, but in fact, the last star was received in 2008, and since the Michelin guide has not been published for Vegas, it is still a bit vague to call it a Michelin star restaurant. .

In Hong Kong, there were quite a few changes in the Michelin Star Restaurant every year, so it should be said to be valid 12 years ago.

There is a menu on the homepage and reservations can be made, so advance reservations are essential.


Taste ★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★★

Price ★★★



Picasso, a 모바일카지노 restaurant that allows you to watch the Bellagio Hotel Fountain Show, the most symbolic show of Vegas.