Rinya Nakamura’s “Hano” “My Aibo” The bond with the Kazumi Arimura “Ishiko”, which is deeper in the words of “My buddy”,

Rinya Nakamura’s “Hano” “My Aibo” The bond with the Kazumi Arimura “Ishiko”, which is deeper in the words of “My buddy”,

Ishiko (Kazumi Arimura) and Hanio (Rinya Nakamura) grow as a combination

The fourth episode of the drama “Ishiko and Hanio-Do you sue with such a thing?” It was broadcast. While taking up accidents on the electric kickboard, which is expected to increase in users, it was impressive that Ishigo (Arimura) and Hanio (Nakamura) deepen their bonds as a “partner”. (Hereafter, there is a spoiler)

■ “Muru” who appeared as a guest was also a topic

This work is a combination of Ishida Glass (Arimura), a graduate of the University of Tokyo, and Yoshio Haneoka (Nakamura), a high school graduate lawyer who passed the bar exam once. Legal entertainment that challenges ultra -rarity trouble.

Producer Junko Arai and Ayuko Tsukahara, produced by Junko Arai and Ayuko Tsukahara, who have produced “Annual” (2018), “MIU404” (2020), “Beloved” (2021, TBS, all). It is a completely original drama that is handled by a writer, Seiji Nishida, who forms the first 카지노 tag.

The first client of “Ishiba Combi”, the role of Aoi Oba, who was part -time at the office of the two offices, the role of Keisuke Shiozaki, who is in love with Ishigo as a buckwheat shop clerk, and the tide law. Masashi Sada appears as the director of the office, as Ishigo’s father, Shokuro Shioburo.

In the fourth episode, Ichina, who had an accident on an electric kickboard, played her sister, Endi, and her sister, Shinjo, played Shinjo. The revision of the Road Traffic Law was passed in April this year, and within two years, there is no need for a license within the rules, and the use of helmets is scheduled to be worn, and the use of an electric kickboard is likely to accelerate. On the other hand, it is a development that quickly sounds a warning bell about the responsibility of driving. The enthusiastic performance of the view was also attracted.

■ Ishiko invites Hano who is bearish to drink

Meanwhile, Ishigo and Hanio also carefully depicted their bonds deepened as a “buddy”.

In the trial of this case, Hanio decided to compete with his sister and prosecutor Yuno. “If you’re immature, the client will be unhappy. Are you prepared to carry your life?”

In fact, it is revealed that Shinjo’s wife was a former prosecutor’s daughter, and that Shinjo was in an illegal casino store just before the accident. Yuno has entrusted the problem of the problem that seemed difficult in a sweet prosecutor to Hano, but Hano who was not aware of it was bearish.

Ishiko invited such Hano to drink. “I think it’s necessary to deepen fellowship as a partner.” Nevertheless, this moment should have permeated Hao’s heart.

Also, after an illegal casino survey, Hanio invited Ishiko to drink and confessed his lack of confidence. Ishiko inspired, saying from Cotton that Hanio had heard that his body would tremble when something unexpected happened.

■ Hanio says “My partner” in ad -lib

The answer was drawn in the trial scene. He explained about Ishigo as “my” partner “paralegal.” In the trial, Ishiko wrote a “script” and supported the flow, but the word “partner” was not in the script, but Hanio’s ad -lib. On the other hand, with the appearance of Ishiko who smiled, it was a scene that was impressive.

Ishigo has brought out the knowledge that natto bacteria affect the production period because of the fact that he does not eat it during the manufacturing period and invited him to drink. He was invited to drink by bringing out the story of a draft beer ordered by his hometown tax payment. There was a clumsy two ways to invite a distant way.

Hano gains confidence with the support of Ishiko. We are looking forward to the growth of the two. In this story, as the title also has a response to the trend of Twitter, “I can think of it because the moment when the uneven combination is hooked and the incident is likely to happen, I can think of it because it is likely to happen.” , They have become a relationship where both weak and advantages have been recognized and complemented. “” I really love these two people with the feeling of buddy that complements with Ishiko and Hano. ” I received an impression.

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• domestic travel
• Uljin -gun Kim Se -jung, Taebaek, and Uljin visited the Taebaek Mountain Range from July 19 to 21. Four elementary school friends … Following last year, this year is the east coast. On the 19th (Tue), he met at Seokgye Station and ran toward Jeongseon High1 Resort. On the way, I stopped by Hanaro Mart, Yeongwol City, and bought food for three days.

I searched for High One Sky Road. It was a trekking course around the high -circle resort and began to climb the sky with a car in the spacious parking lot of Mountain Condo. The starting point is already 850 meters above sea level. The sky road was in the forest, so I didn’t know it was hot. The hiking trail was well wiped and went 먹튀검증사이트 up and down, so I reached a ceiling. A lot of salamanders lived in the pond, so they were called Lee Yeon -na.

I walked about two hours on the forest road, suddenly a magnificent structure appeared. It was a high one tower. There was a ski resort gondola riding, and the huge building was a cafe. There’s a magnificent cafe here! There was a long way to go, so I did not stop by the circular building cafe and headed for Macheonbong, the target area. There are about 2km left. As I walked diligently along the narrow mountain trails, the Macheonbong sign appeared. It is 1,426m above sea level. Unfortunately, the view was not tough … The forest is dense around.

The car was built and had to go down to the Mountain Corn, but the signs were not very good. It’s wrong of the sign of the sign … Anyway, I had to come down to the valley tower, not the plan I planned anyway. I walked down to Hilcondo and waited for the shuttle bus to go to the Mountain Concorne road and then came back to our car.

High1 Sky Road is a trekking course in the forest around the ski resort. It is a much more lush road than the Sunjayeong Trail, so there is nothing to suffer in the sun. There is also a trekking course in High1 Resort with all kinds of fun, including ski resorts, golf courses, casinos, water worlds, hotels, and condos. There is High One in Jeongseon Sabuk.

I went to the Natural Recreation Forest, Uljin Tongosan, where I left the high -1 resort and booked a campsite. Crossing the stream, the natural recreational forest area was located near the entrance. But in the mountains so deep, it’s only silence. How long is it to come to this calm place? Birds like Park Sae were pecking without fear of people. After two tents, I boiled spaghetti and baked pork belly. It is a log house, and the Tongosan Forest road was higher.

I woke up overnight in the tent and drove to Sogwang -ri to explore the Geumgang Pine Forest Road the next morning. The Geumgang Pine Forest Road can be visited only by the forest commentator. We booked 4 courses, the Great Royal Pine, and joined the three friends in Gyeongbuk to start exploring 4 courses. The forested trails were not so steep that it was easy to walk. Occasionally I met a snake. In fact, a friend met with a snake on this day.

Like the name of the Geumgang Pine Forest Road, beautiful pine trees stretched out towards the sky on the trail. After a while after the pine tree called Mangbu Song, I finally reached the Great King. Numerous pine trees are growing in the mountains of Sokwang -ri, but the status of the great king’s pine was great. There were countless branches that spread sideways. There is an observation deck next to it, so the nearby pickles came at a glance. It was a minister. On the other hand, a simple dining table was made in the forest so that I could sit around and eat, so the group gathered there and ate a lunch box that I bought when I started. It was honey taste.

The commentator of the forest commentator was unclear. He crossed various parts of the world and talked about pine trees. In the early Three Kingdoms period, it was amazing that King Anil built acid in this deep mountain. It is a palace and a huge pine tree when building, but the Forest Service and the Cultural Heritage Administration have signed an agreement to use pine trees in Geumgang Song -myeon, Uljin Geumgang -myeon. Indeed, some trees were numbered. These are the trees used as a building material.

When I came down, I used the ridge road and met a small shrine called Joyeong Hwangsa. It was a house built to pray for Margo Halm to be angry with the steep mountain trails. This time, this time, there was a small amount of inconvenience in honor of the merit of the region. The Qing Dynasty was unusual. Finally came down to the starting point. The five -hour Geumgang Pine Forest Road The Great Royal Tree Course was completed safely. Next time, I thought I should try another course. It is a forest path where history is breathing.

Seven elementary friends came to the city of Uljin and enjoyed the story by drinking coffee at the seaside cafe. And I said goodbye. The Seoul Team Net moved to a nearby gender cave. This cave can only be bent in a few places so that it can only pass through. The oysters are not very long, but they are very cute. I have named it all over the place, but the Virgin Mary Award is a bit lively. The only palace is Rome. The room temperature is about 20 degrees … I went to various caves such as Jeju Manjang Cave and Danyang Ko Cave, but Seongryu Cave has its own unique appearance. You must use the helmet you pay when you enter.

I left the Seongryu Cave and went to the Bulyeong Valley Camping Site. The atmosphere is very different from Tongosan Natural Recreation Forest. The camping deck was placed on a spacious flat. There are decks with roofs and no decks. Above all, there is no log house. It is only camping. The toilet and the shower are stuck, but the water pressure is hot water. There was a wide valley nearby, so I took off my hull and jumped into the valley water.

I took out the lacquer chicken ingredients prepared by a friend. Lacquer tree stems and prices …. I boiled the lacquer in a large pot, soaked the water, put chickens in the water, pangs, garlic, and boiled lacquer chicken soup. He came to the east coast and camped and enjoyed lacquer chickens. I couldn’t miss the alcohol, so I drunk with soju and beer taste. It’s amazing. On July 20, the vacation peak is in front of the holiday peak. Is it because of corona? Anyway, it was quiet.

It rained all night. I’m worried about the last day. When it rains, sightseeing should be folded. There is nothing to go. I go to the mountain. Go to the sea. Fortunately, the rain was not so strong that I went to a nearby fire. Bul -young, near Bulyeong Valley, was a very unusual temple. The land in the mountains was quite wide, and several buildings of the Bul -young were placed. There was a Daeungbojeon in the middle and a five -story stone pagoda in front of it. It was a stone pagoda made in the Goryeo Dynasty.

There is a fire in Buddhism. This pond is never small. The lotus blooms in a fairly wide pond, which are very diverse in yellow lotus, white lotus, and red lotus flowers. Was there another wide pond in the temple? There was also a lot of fields in the Buddhist temple. Red peppers, cabbage, lettuce … all kinds of crops were growing. Some were empty. I couldn’t tell if I came to the temple or in the village. Even if I left the car in the parking lot, there was no complaint.

After leaving the temple, the group drove to Taebaek. It was to go to the village of earnemi, famous for its highland vegetable fields. First, I arrived in Taebaek downtown and went to a Korean beef meathouse recommended by my acquaintances and had lunch with a sirloin. I left the restaurant and went to Hwang Ji -yeon. It is called the origin of the Nakdong River. Indeed, the quantity was abundant. The water of this pond goes to Bonghwa, passes through Yeongju, Sangju, and Gimcheon, and flows to Gyeongnam and goes to Busan offshore.

I headed to the village of Guemi, the last visit. The place where the highland field has a steep slope is steep, but it is not really amid. How did you plant seeds in such a high place? Did people do? Was it planted with a machine? I can’t shut my mouth. One thing that was unfortunate was that there was a lot of clouds and the view was hidden. It is more than 1,000 meters above sea level, so when it is clear, the scenery is great.

I had a good trip for 2 nights and 3 days. Jeongseon, Taebaek, Uljin … I didn’t know that Uljin was so deep in the mountains. Not only in Seoul, but also in Busan and Daegu are quite far away. Eungbongsan, Anil Wangsan, Tongosan …… Where is this? Many unnamed mountains are in Uljin. No, there was no place that was not a mountain. The forests are dense in all the mountains and … In the deep mountains, which are preserved and preserved, there is a national road 38 and the old road. If it was difficult to make a hard time, would there be a memorial to the completion of the Uljinhyeon -dong road opposite the Bulyoung Valley Camping Site? It shows that many people have been sacrificed during the construction process.

Although the body is stiff, it burns a new will. I want to go up to Mount Tongosan for a chance, and I want to visit the course of the Geumgang Pine Forest Road. Mother Nature is living in Uljin. Korea’s unexplored is there.

Kim Se -jung dreams of more convenient and easier Korean. You can also travel bicycles. What is home education? Hoengseong Lake Road Taste

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