“Private skirt recommended work -August 2022-“

Currently, only Snow Odyssey is raising Takarazuka lights in detail …

Next is the moon group, the snow central group, the flower group … and the light will shine again.

Then, I recommend my opinion

Versailles Rose -Oscar Edition- (‘2006 Snow Gumi)

Versailles Rose -Felsen and Marie Antoinette- (‘2006 Star Edition)

Cherry blossom storm

Arashikaoka (’97 Snow Bow Tetsuori Ota, Directed Edition)

Dream Chaser

Grand Bell Folly

Southern Cross Review

Utakata no Koi (’99 month group all version)

Red Hot Sea

Extreme (premiere)


Mask Romanesque (premiere)

Cordova of sadness (’21 Hanagumi full version)

COOL BEAST !! (All versions)

Beautiful Garden

Red and Black (’08 Hoshigumi DC version)

Thunderbolt fantasy

Poe’s clan (rookie performance)

Reunion (premiere)

Nova Bosa Nova (Snow Gumi in 1999)

Apartmentado !!

La Noba!

Manon (Star Competition)

La Passion!

Shining rhythm!

Hundred flower fans

Versailles Roses -Felsen Edition- (‘2013 Snow Gumi Grand Movie Version)

Versailles Rose -Oscar and Andre Edition- (’13 Lunar Grand Grand Theatrical Version)

It doesn’t leave with the wind (Soragumi University Theater Version)

Funky Sunshine

Brilliant thousand talles ’99

A big diamond as a Ritz hotel

La Cantata!

Heat wave

Legend of King Arthur

Spiral Orphe

Nova Bosa Nova (’99 monthly edition)

The grandchild of the shaba

Apollon Labyrinth


Aqua Vite !!

Versailles Rose 2001 -Oscar and Andre Edition-

Mascalade Hotel

Phantom (Hanagumi re -performance)

Amour de 99 !!

Hannah florist


Eclair Brilliant

Kobayashi Kohei Memorial Talk & Petit Concert Part2

~ Saki Asaji x Ayaka Shirashiro ~

OH! Takarazuka Takara Jenne brilliant overseas performance

Butterfly / love (overseas performance edition)

Verdad !!

Dream on!

In August, Bell Rose Special feature in the 21st century, special feature on overseas performances, NHK recorded versions, etc.

… I wonder if it will be broadcast except for the latest NHK … I want to see it sometimes (´ ・ ω ・ `)

Then, my opinion crunchy one word miscellaneous feeling

Hikaru Asami Ms. Bell Rose … The role of Andre is replaced by the role of an iris or forest.

Ms. Ms. Ms. Belle Bell Rose … This is the role of Oscar. Since Andre is small, Ms. Kiriya Daei, Ms. Natsuki Mizuki … I’m worried ( ̄ ▽  ̄;), but what I want to push the most is Ms. Kai Kijo, who resembles the original picture (laughs).

Sakura Arashi … Emperor Godaigo was scary in the video (sweat)

For those who only know the video, I want to complain that “life was more scary!” (^_^;)

Grand Bell Folly … At that time, the top of each group was special, and only the Takamine Fubuki Ms. Fubuki’s version is included. )

Utakata … Tsubasa Makoto Ms. Rudolf is somewhat similar to Ms. Mami … Is it similar to longing? (゜. ゜)

RHS & Cool Beast … I want you to compare it once, but 크레이지슬롯 I guess she wanted to dance something like a hikiki, who longed for dancing barefoot … (゜ ゜;; )

Extreme … Huh, I want to see it in the current Sora -gumi … If it’s Junhana, the call is the best (^_^;)

Temporary roma … “Jean -pierre was fun …” Well, you would have been fun, but everyone around you (bitter smile)

Bien … Manore’s scene, Manorete, Lpecino, Death, Talking … I wanted to take all the photos (*_*;

Po Shinsen … At first glance, Alan, a flagship Miss Tsukasa, looks like a different pattern, is a real fit! She cried in delicacy ((T_T))

Nova 99 editions two … Sole and auro are in sync, and they will surpass … Especially the auro is fun to see. Both are sticky (laughs)

La Noba … Looking at the scene of youth, I’m surprised at the dance power of Miharu Morina! ! (゜ ゜ ノ) No, there is a reason to be the top of my daughter …

Hyakka fan … The first Japanese show I saw. Ms. Mario Asagi’s stupid donation had an impact (laughs)

Souichiho Ms. Ferzenbell Rose … Even if it is a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit, it is even more difficult to see the chike … I was able to miraculously see the plate that was a chicken, and I was impressed by the incandescent acting of Ms. Ms. Houkai (´Д⊂ ヽ.

Sora -style … After the Oscar, I’m going to do a butler … and it’s enough. It was 2013 when Monte Christo also enjoyed the acting skills of Ms. Hou rare (‘-‘*) ♪

Heatwave … Choreography in the middle, Kimi Hayama Ms. Hayama? There is a part that looks exactly like the dandyism paradiso (hard -boiled version) (゜. ゜)

King Arthur … I saw a lancelot walking on the audience seats, but it was so glittering … I thought “Is this Asami Aya …” before this word became popular?

Shaba … Cute stone in front of the grandfather (laughs)

The male role, Ms. Tougono, was a rare person who could get this aspect …

Exciter … Ms. Kazuhana Sakura in the change box is gorgeous! Come out, next small gorgeous genne!

Aqua Vite … The leg length of Ms. Jun Jun is the most impressive … because the toes are standing, so the leg length is increasingly … (-∀-)

Phantom … There were other good combinations of songs, but the duet of Ms. Ranju and Masashi History is the best in my heart, personal …

Amur 99… The scene of “Sometimes like a child without a mother”, I want to see it in the top 2 of the current Hanagumi or the snow group … I think I can call a customer (laughs)

Ekburi … Bolero was good to be able to see it raw … Is it a sense of presence or different … If it’s a video, it feels a bit flat (゜ ゜;).

Takarazuku News will be difficult to be busy with the formation change, etc. … Edit books and Skas tester, all have a hard time …

Did you do Gatsby Naon? It’s a refugee, so I couldn’t follow the information (sweat)

After August, I hope I can return to the original state …

Celtic myth

Celtic myth

The original story of this game, maybe the model is probably a “Celtic myth”? I thought, but I think that the Final Fantasy Series models “Nordic mythology”, but in the case of Zelda, I think it’s a Celtic myth.

It is interesting in Europe to have such a “myth” in various places. Celtic myth, Scandinavian mythology, Greek mythology. I guess they were all fantasy created by ancient ethnic groups. So, this time, the Celtic myth will look like a myth in the UK and Irish regions.

There is a compact video with YouTube, so I will introduce it.

(Adult learning university, it will be helpful to summarize it in an easy -to -understand manner w)

How about? It was a myth with a historical feeling than I thought. Well, there are not many historical materials, but it was like Celtic, Britain Island, or the prosperity of the ethnic groups that happened in such places as a myth.

So, this myth was modeled as a series of stories called “Arthur King Monogatari”, and I mentioned in the video, but “Lancelot” and the forbidden love between King Arthur. Was really impressive w

In the “Legend of Zelda”, there was an episode famous for King Arthur, there was a sword that was pierced into the sacred place, and the one who pulled it out became the king. So, the name of the sword is the famous “Excalibur”.

No, it’s a familiar episode for fantasy lovers and RPG lovers, and it’s a familiar sword, but in the case of Zelda, I felt that the contact with nature was bigger.

“Fairy”, which is the most important position in Celtic myth, but in the legend of Zelda, many fairies appear and give various blessings. There is an area called “Humping Forest”, which is a fairy home, where you can see the pretty forest fairies.

However, it is not a small, feathered and flying type, but it is like a “kodama” that appears in “Mononoke Princess”.

Well, the main human world scenario is light, and it is a simple thing to collect items around the four archeological sites and defeat the last boss, but honestly it was too appropriate for the scenario. That was the impression. The British men in various places seemed to have made somehow.

However, I guess the episode of “Zelda Princess” was quite impressive. Zelda Princess was called an indefinite princess, and he had a complex. It seems that it has changed when I met “Link”, but I 온라인바카라 think she was probably a large -scale gem.

There is her diary in Hiral Castle, but this was interesting and it was so w -Link -chan was originally a stray adventurer, but Princess Zelda Princess Dad. It seems to have been selected as the princess’s bodyguard, expecting Hiral King.

Well, this King of Hiral has changed a little, and I’m gonna order my daughter at a high pressure, and I don’t know if she loves her or a fool. I thought it was like “Ikari Gendou”, but this Hiral royal family is a royal family.

Probably, whether you have controlled the other tribe considerably, hold the hegemony, or use dirty hands to seize the royal rights, or to be hit by the disaster, you may be buying some grudges. (‘ω’)

Well, I felt that I wanted to make it a little more content in terms of scenario, but it was interesting in terms of work based on “Celtic Myth”. The familiar FF series was a “Scandinavian mythology” system, so the Celtic Zelda was a bit different and was interesting.

However, Celtic myth, Celtic religion is basically “nature worship”. In other words, I think there is something close to Japanese Shinto. It would have been a history that the polytheism was similar, or that the centralized “monotheism”, which appeared after such early religion, swept the world.

Yes, well, I thought about fantasy and mythology that I wrote with my thoughts, but it’s interesting ~ fantasy. “The Legend of Zelda” would have been better if it was such a scenario, so if there is a good scenario, I would like to propose it.

Then, this time, again, (‘ω’) ノ

The mysterious physical condition has become much better, and the guitar and keyboards have come out. After all, I thought again that I like music w If I can, I wish I could eat it in music -related work, but this time it is around this time, but this time I am doing “The Legend of Zelda -Breath of the Wild ~”. I think I’ll write what I felt.