“Present from my husband’s friend ☆”

The other day, with two friends in the company

My husband who went to a meal 🍣

I was surprised to see the back I had when I came home

CHANEL paper bag ✨🛍

What happened? ✨

When asked,

From one person

Present to your husband and another wife 🎁✨

It was said that

At the time of the dinner with these two people

The gift you will receive is always wonderful,

I was expecting my heart this time too.

Last year, my birthday was close,

Oops One 🍷

I got a Baccarat glass set 🥂✨

Glass set

At the celebration of marriage

Glass & wine champagne grass set

10 boxes

I got it from a friend and relatives.

She is still unused and cherished,

Opus One

It’s a wine that costs about 50,000 yen, so

At the time of a dinner with parents

Everyone had delicious

The gift of CHANEL is

It was Serum No.1

CHANEL serum from men

I can get it


High sense

The fourth child’s child will be born soon,

My husband also bought a toy 🧸 the 슬롯머신사이트 other day

She seems to have given the celebration, so

With three men

It’s always like a gift, but it’s like an exchange time,

I know it’s women

Isn’t it unusual for men to be like that?

My husband is also a very concerned person

And two people

Company manager (one is a sales field)

So there is a talk power,

The owner of the speech that makes people feel good &

The concern is wonderful, so

I wonder if it will be

CHANEL’s Serum

It seems that those who gave me the present also use it

Because it has a refreshing and refreshing scent,

I want to imitate and want to use my husband, so

I would like to use it as a couple both 🐰

Lucky bags such as Iittala, Marimekko, Kuchipole, etc.

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Wave play series 🐰

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Until now, I have put PICK and purchased items

It’s only 17 degrees this morning … it’s cold!

It feels like the autumn suddenly deepens.

Kokoro -chan is of course “Princess Moguri”!

By the way, yesterday, I made “Paella” using the seafood mix I bought from the Pal System.

In addition to seafood mix, add chicken thighs and mushrooms, garlic, peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes … make a frying pan.

Basically, it is a recipe of “Kurihara Harumi”, but every time I make it, it becomes my own recipe (laughs).

In addition, instead of saffron, you can easily make it because it produces color and aroma with curry powder.

And here is the completed!

It was the usual deliciousness.

I think it will be the taste of my home by cooking as many times as you want.

By the way, I haven’t been traveling abroad for almost three years or domestic because of Corona …

I want to remember a fun past trip.

After moving to Katsuura, I first went with a friend of a certain bank era in 2006, 카지노 “Southern France 7 -day trip”!

I went with Ex -Provence -Arles -Ezu -Monaco -Nice.

When walking in Esquan Provence, ask the local kind Madam’s way.

I took a picture together.

The small city of Ezu was also very impressive.

With M who went with me!

I went to Monaco, a small country.

Monaco student!

The city of Monaco was gorgeous as expected!

This is Casino Monte Carlo.

The luxury cars were lined up and I was overwhelmed!

It is a chocolate shop of Monaco’s Imperial Palace.

I didn’t have time, but I bought some chocolate in a hurry!

However, probably because of the purveyor, one chocolate bag cost about 2800 yen and it was expensive.

The taste was so much …!

In Nice, Yoko, a young friend of the C Trust Bank, who lived near Turin, Northern Italy, came to see her husband driving a car!

It is a gentle and beautiful Yoko.

It is a flower market of Nice.

I bought some souvenirs at the right side of this flower market.

The shop that had dinner the day before was an owner restaurant with Algerians.

I had something like curry.