Pale blue tiles and port wine

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While traveling to Hong Kong often, Macau did not go one hour from the sea. How much to do in Hong Kong, I couldn’t put Macau a day on a short trip.

After he traveled so many times, he entered Macau and took a short schedule for Hong Kong, and when he arrived at Macau’s very traditional accommodation, he regretted that he did not come earlier to Macau. My eye -catching caught my eye was a small fountain with a blue, patterned tile on the way to the accommodation of the next building.

After a long time behind, I knew it was a Portuguese pottery tile using a blue tin glaze, and I could realize that Macau was Portuguese. The blue tiles encountered on Macau Street were very intense and vaguely thought I should go to Portugal.

Since then, he has forgotten as he travels and travels to various cities, and when he went on a business trip to Barcelona, ​​Spain, I remembered that it was Portugal. But it was impossible to put a schedule on a business trip, and I just thought it was a little closer.

As I enjoyed the game called “The Era of Sea” on my computer, the names of the port cities of Spain and Portugal became used to. 슬롯머신 Again, it was a book called Porto, if I would work anyway, after the editors lived and worked in a website called “Dedit” and a YouTube channel. This book, which is impressive with orange signs, lived in Porto, a port city, not a trip, and made me think I wanted to go to Porto rather than Lisbon, the capital.

It was in Brunch that I first learned about Kwon Ho -young, who wrote Portugal, which is a half beat. She generally had fun with a brunch written by Georgia in Eastern Europe, not a lot of visits, and she bought something in the alternative Georgia, which was published and published. I think I can go to Georgia someday. I thought it was an unusual travel for people that people don’t know well, and I remember that the ambassador of the Embassy in Korea was also very helpful.

This book is written around the episode that was experienced at that time at the point of view, so it is not a helpful book to organize a place to visit or schedule. However, there are a lot of pictures that have been taken hard, which helps to visually understand Portugal, and it is a book that allows you to look around in various areas and look widely. You can look at the artist’s young appreciation as a bonus.

I was wondering why the subtitle ‘half beat is good’, but it seems that you can meet various mistakes of the artist, such as missing, not good, go to where you don’t know, and choose and experience you. You can meet a series of choices that are planned but not planned.

Travel is that. It is not memorable to come out of the well -organized schedule, but it is more intense to remember that you miss, do well, make mistakes, misunderstands, and come back and burst into laughter.

Travel is half -prepared, and it seems to be half to experience new events without being prepared.

The image of Portugal is remembered as a pale blue tile (Azuleju), Fort wine (Portugal is famous for wine), Nelu Bookstore, the motif of Harry Potter, and the history of the opposition. If you go directly, you will leave more diverse and richer memories, and I hope you can go someday.

Expecting an egg tart and a cup of coffee at a small cafe in Porto ..


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Prologue: One beat and half slow Portugal



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Epilogue: time to fall in love with Portugal

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The game in the ‘squid game’ that Australian children enjoy.

Episode 09 The story of ‘aid fellowship’ in Australia ^. ~ Current article

Korea VS Australia, social gaze that understands ‘Mom’

So it’s when I was 30 years old when I was in Australia. Shortly after arriving in the water, unfamiliar and unfamiliarity, the organization began to work as an environmental volunteer work. It was a system that teamed up with young people at home and abroad for five days, camping, etc. in a national park, and rested in a hostel in Melbourne on weekends. The colorful Australian young man he met on the team was kind throughout the work and applied for a date on weekends!

“Would you like to go to see Melbourne City?”

I couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

1) I had a lot of time.

2) There was nothing to do.

3) No one knew.

4) I didn’t know how to leave Melbourne downtown. furthermore

5) He was tall, handsome, gentle and kind to me. ^^

Even if there is a reason to refuse, it would have been buried.

So on the sun, our Melbourne Tour began. I went to the city by tram for some time on the local promenade. He also guided every corner in fluent English (not Australians), and I was very good at knowing his guide!

Time passed and I reached the side of the river. Small cruise ships float on the calm river that penetrates the middle of the city of Melbourne, and there are many atmospheric cafes on one side of the riverside, and the opposite of it was a beautiful spot with an old -fashioned Flinders train station. When the long hair of blonde fluttered in the river wind, I swept the white and thin fingers and put him over the ear and my mood was increasing.

At the end of the river, there was a large amusement facility called Crown Casino, one of Australia. I can’t even have a gambling and go -stop so far, but I came here, so I thought it would be okay to look around. By the way… .

The big employee standing in front of the casino seemed to tell him what to tell him, and soon he leaned his head and crawled. I couldn’t grasp the situation and asked, ‘Why not go together?’ … … .

‘I can’t go in because I’m a minor.’

‘Ugh… … … … … … … … … … … … In the world… … … … … … … … ’

He was less than 18 years old. He was a high school student. He could not give a student card to the employee’s request to show his ID.

I really didn’t know. He was a little younger than me, but he couldn’t imagine it. Since then, his spirit breaks out and I can’t remember how he returned home. If I went together in Hana Casino and was found in it, I might have been judged by the law as an impure woman who dragged a minor to a harmful place.

If so, I would have made this excuse. In my eyes,

1. Westerners are aged.

It is large, and it is difficult to guess the age of mature behavior even at a young age. For example, Kate Winslet in Titanic is a girl in her mid teens in the film. No matter how much I look at my eyes, I was a 30 -year -old woman in her 30s, and ‘Why did he cast an actress who is old or old?’

Meanwhile, Westerners do not know the age of Asians. The act of small body is often relatively cute and looks like a child. I often received strange demands to show my ID in my 30s.

2. Australians are more homeless.

Australia’s sunshine is notorious for harmful. As it is the world’s No. 1 country of skin cancer, the skin condition of the people is very bad. Since I was young, I had to take ultraviolet rays without countermeasures, so in my late teens, my eyes are lit in my eyes. Not to mention the blemishes and freckles that cover the face and body. In the thirties, the flesh and skin of the whole body sag and all elasticity disappears. In addition, there are few people who manage their skin and appearance like Korea, and they live just as they look. It should be said that their original age comes out of the age of 10 or 15 years old.

For me, just after I came to Australia, I would like to argue that it was hard to guess the age of those who met, and that the daily aid 바카라사이트추천 system was established, which was unimaginable because of the atmosphere of becoming a friend and becoming a friend.

At the end of the weekend we were assigned to another team, so there was nothing more to see. I couldn’t reveal my age to the end because of his shock. I just want to remember and remember it as a day in Melbourne. ^^ (2010/3/10)

There are many depressed news these days. Nowadays, you can predict the age of Australians quite precise. In the past, everyone seemed to be old, but now I think I’m young and young even when I see a lot of wrinkles. Rather, it is hard to guess the age of Koreans. ^^