“Memo ① Donald J. Trump who passed away in 1989”

1989 Trump dead

Donald J. Trump’s remains of New Jersey Police

The remains of the casino owner were transported from the crash site

Around 1:00 pm, three casino executives and Donald J boarded the Agusta A-109 helicopter.

At around 1:40 pm, the helicopter was disassembled in the air within 30 miles of Atlantic City!

Donald J and three casino executives died immediately!

The 68 -story Trump Tower started construction in June 1980 and was completed in October 1983.

When the tower was completed, the real Donald J. Trump became able to overlook Central Park from his apartment.

However, the park was annoying. It was a broken ice skating rink, and the city could not be repaired.

At that time, there were three children in Donald, but the city was discouraged by being unable to fix the Walman link.

Here, I will quote from the real Donald J. Trump’s autobiography.
• None I saw Wolman Link from my new apartment. It wasn’t a beautiful sight. It was clear from afar that the link was not yet completed, despite the renovation of millions of dollars. Three years have passed, and millions of dollars were spent, but the situation was just getting worse. In the morning of May 1986, the city had to announce the bid. (Trump, “Transaction Technology”, p. 199-200).

Initially, Donald has contacted the park management committee and offered to complete the renovation of the link at his own expense. However, this offer was rejected. So he decided to write a letter to the mayor of Koch.

IN 1989, Babylon The Great Was Ruleed by His Eminence and Hizzoner !!

In 1989, Emperor Babylon was governed by Hisoner and Hisoner!

* Memo

Eminence: His Geika Practice for a high -ranking clergy

Hizzoner: The greatest person, judge, mayor, mayor, village mayor

At the beginning of the “Impro -Pade”, John Okonor was appointed Bishop Babylon by Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Oconer ruled Babylon in the Hudson River from St. Patrick Cathedral, the headquarters of the Power House.

He was the leader of the mayor of Koch and a “spiritual advisor.”

Mayor Koch was a de facto dictator in New York City from 1978 to 1989.

He moved the city with Tekken, and those who opposed him were usually wearing cement shoes on East River.

During the Koch administration, corruption was as many as the demolished twin tower. However, Donald Trump had no direct transaction with the mayor until he decided to restore Walman Link.

The real Donald Trump had no transaction with the Power House, despite the Trump Tower in the Fifth Avenue (Camonwels Avenue).

The relationship between Donald and the “Stone Waller” was friendly, and for the first time in 1986, it became cold like ice.

As the “father” of Stonewall’s homosexual revolution, the mayor of Koch had an apartment in Gringe Village.
• None May 28, 1986 I sent this letter to Ed Koch. Then, this letter was returned. Surprisingly, he was neglecting my offer. The city doesn’t intend to leave the link to the link, but if I donate $ 3 million and rebuild the link, and to supervise the construction, I would be happy to take over. He concluded with ironic words, “I’m waiting for a reply with a solid saliva” (Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” p.201).

After receiving the letter, Kochi “leaked” to the media. The media also thought that Donald would be ridiculed for such an unreasonable offer. But the opposite happened.

The following is his opinion on Donald Trump suitable for printing.
• None First, from Donald Trump. What a very egoistic frivolous man? It was clear from the first time I met. Looking fairly, he built some good buildings, but he was a very stubborn person. The best comments about Trump I have heard are what Area Townsent, the deputy mayor in charge of economic development, said that if his tongue was not on, he could not believe Donald Trump. It was. I don’t think this line itself is her original, but she found the perfect target. Trump, who made a miraculous revival of Central Park’s ice skating rink, thought it was rather cowardly. (Kochi “Citizen Koch”, p. 193).

In an autobiography published in 1992, Kochi blamed Trump in a “past tense” and tried to name the renovated link. If Trump was alive, he would have sued Kochi for defamation … he would have won!

During the Pres Conference, The Trump Sikorsky Helicopter Was Switched for an agusta !!

During the press conference, Trump’s Cichol Ski Heli was changed to Agsta! ! ?

On October 10, 1989, three Atlantic City Trump executives moved to New York by Trump Airlines S-76 helicopter for a simple press conference. Landed in the heliport of East 61 -chome and went to Plaza Hotel by limousine.

The press conference was held to promote boxing games in the night of Eku Macho Kamacho and Vinnie Pasienza. The match will be played between Ektor Macho (Macho Man “) and Vinny Pazienza.

After a press conference at the Plaza Hotel, they had lunch and returned to heliport with Donald, but the helicopter had turned into Italian Agusta.

Three Trump casino executives left Atlantic City around 8:00 am and boarded Trump Airlines Sicorsky S-76 helicopter.

Returning from a press conference at the Plaza Hotel, Sikorsky was gone, but A-109 helicopters were used instead.

When I crashed, three executives and Donald Trump were on the helicopter.

Agusta made in Italy is a helicopter Ferrari and is not like FIAT (Fix It Again Tony). Founded by Count Agusta in 1923, there is no history of a fatal crash.

All Trump’s biographies have different stories about the crash of helicopters.
• NONE However, Donald doesn’t seem to care what the game category executives make in the afternoon. Instead of saying goodbye to the three, he said he would call an unexpected meeting at the Trump Tower. By the time the meeting began, the executives of the three game categories were already too late to get on the return flight of Trump’s S-76 helicopter at noon that morning. (Hart, Lost Taichoon, page 40).

After the meeting, Trump and the three executives went to the East side heliport for about 15 minutes by car from Trump Tower.
• The official announcement of the None helicopter crash is a completely fiction. The three officers take off the helicopter “late”.

And I found an Italian Agusta helicopter.

It was very early to find a replacement helicopter, and the three flew to the sky at 1:00 pm.

The Trump Organization had a French Super Promen helicopter, but it seems that executives did not use it because of the intense consumption of gasoline.
• None helicopter pilot, Robert Kent and a co -pilot Lawrence Denner died in a crash.

According to Trump’s biography, he decided to cancel the trip just before.

Donald, who has revived, believes that his decision saved his life!

Here, I will introduce the words of Donald Trump who “resurrected”.
• NONE When they went out, I decided to go with them for a moment. I go to Atlantic City once a week, so I thought that if I traveled to a 45 -minute helicopter at that time, I would be able to talk about business on the way. However, there was too much to do that day. I thought, but it was a good day. On that day, I returned to the work of reading and calling the report, saying “Goodbye”. (Trump, survive at the top, 17-18 pages).

Revived, “Donald did not mention the fear of flying with a helicopter in Italian Agusta!
• The first book on the crash of None Trump was published in 1990.

The Doppelganger has nothing to do with the three executives being missing when returning to Atlantic City with a helicopter.

However, he mentioned that the Trump Foundation has filed Agusta for millions of dollars.

The fact that foreign helicopters came down from the sky was much more convenient for the criminal.
• None’s helicopters on which they were riding should never be allowed to fly. The rotor was in the air. Currently, Agsta, Italy, who produced the helicopter, is in the trial, hoping that they will pay a great deal of price. (Trump. Survive at the top “P19).

As a result, Agsta was a reliable company like Sicolsky, but the foreign companies could not demand a survey like Sicolsky. .

After the crash, Trump Organization’s finances collapsed, and Wall Street experts predicted that the entire company would 바카라 fall into bankruptcy based on Article 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Law. It was a huge amount of cash injection from German Bank in Germany, which was recently integrated.

In 2015, the Pope Francis began using Peter’s Million as a Hillary presidential election!

In the political world, it does not happen by chance. After a fierce struggle from 2005 to 2013, Jorge Belgorio has finally pursued the Pope Benedict XVI. Only a month later, the “Iron Woman” Margarettcher, who hunted down Belgorio in 2005, was sent to the Creator.

In March 2013, a coup was generated in the Vatican, and a geopolitical earthquake that the Pope Benedict XIV was driven to abdication. Pope Francisco first went to Elizabeth II a telegram of “congratulations.”

He began using “Peter Pence” to fund the presidential election in the United States, the most unfriendly.

Peter’s Pence is a unique British one donated to the Pope’s safe, and began in the 725th Pope Gregorius II.
• None from 2005 to 2013, the Vatican had a greater vision battle between the Jesuits and other factions.

In March 2013, Joseph Latzinger, the Pope Benedict XVI, is finally forced to resign.

As a result, Jorge Belgorio finally achieved his ambitions of his life and became Pope Francisco.

Jorge Belgorio was a Jesuits in Argentina in Europe in Europe, and blessed the Argentine army before the Falkland Islands invaded.
• NONE In January 1983, Cleopatra, the United Kingdom, visited the Falkland Islands and awarded the soldiers to the soldiers who released the island.

At that time, the director of the Jesuits of the Jesus Georges Velgorio received a photo of blessing the invading Argentina army.

Pope Francisco has been wanting to welcome Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton to the White House. Lord Evard Digby, the ancestor of Jesus, was one of the conspirators in the 1605 gunpowder conspiracy.
• None 725, under Britannia, under the Pope Gregorius II, Peter’s Pence began as a tax or tribute imposed by the Catholic king.

Along with the income from the Papal Office, the Vatican cash income.

In 2015, Pope Francis began using Peter “S Millions for Hillary Clinton’s election funds!

Introducing the words of the Vatican who decided to expose the dubious financial transactions of the Vatican under the sun.
• NONE In 2016, Pope Francisco all bet on President Clinton. Cardinal Parolin, including Cardinal Palorin, told the Donald Trump that there was no expectation to win, and the Anger Heritage Administration had funded Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign under the order of Francisco. (Currently, it is said that the funds used in it came from the perotello’s pence, that is, the donation of a believer who was said to have been made for charitable purposes). (Colonna “Dictator Roman-Pope-Inside the Papal Office of the Papal Office”, p. 92).

Since 2013, British lions have been growing to Pope Francisco.

The lion’s thorns were to support the US “Evita”.

The British Secret Service mobilized “Team Trump” and challenged her White House!

What they succeeded was the miracle of another New El Salem.

Other Republican candidates did not think they could beat Hillary. George W. Bush tried to defeat Al Gore in 2000 in the election.

Anti -Christ was delayed again from spreading his tabergous from the sea to the sea! !

The prophet, Daniel, predicted that Anti -Christ would plant a tavern in a new Jerusalem just before the end of time.
• NONE And he built the shrine of the palace in the sacred mountain of glory between the sea, but he reached the end and no one helped him (Daniel 11:45).

In 1967, Messiah saved New Jerusalem from the thermo -nuclei weapon Holocaust. In 2016, Team Trump rescued the people from President Hillary Clinton. The Lord certainly works to rescue the United States from evil.

Hillary’s Pope Francis was supported by “Kiss of Death” or “Nail in Coffin” for her hope of the White House.

In history, the Pope’s support has always been guaranteed a failure … If the Pope Francisco is around next year, he needs to support the “Democratic Party” and provide funds.

I enjoyed the small double leaves of the two motors a long time ago at the Aero Wings of CCP. He found DEERC SQN-022 with a similar model, so I skipped it. The Deerc SQN-022 is a small double leaf with a wing width of about 26 cm, which controls the left and right motors with two channels on the wings. The flight weight is about 23g including the battery. The main wing is a soft material of the EPP system, with a service color LED on the back of the fuselage (^^). In addition, the upper wing has a 예스카지노 unique feeling, and there is something curved (^^). It is helpful because there are 3 batteries and two chargers, but the battery space of the aircraft is tight, and the connector’s arrangement position is selected so that the battery does not squeeze (^^ ;;;;. I tried to fly in a nearby park without the early morning. Departing from takeoff, the horizontal flight is slightly lowered from the half -throttle, and the full throttle rises slightly to the pitching. The stable and easy -to -fly aircraft is the first flight. It is an impression. The number of fun aircraft has increased (^^). However, the two motors without elevators are particularly weak in the wind, and since they were washed away in the wind, they increased further to raise the throttle to pull back towards them. It is easy to fall into it. I think it is safe to fly nearby at an altitude of 3-4m (^^).