Macau, Omicron Ba.5 The unemployment rate is remarkable … Employment statistics (Macau Shimbun), 2022 (Macau Shimbun)

On July 29, the Macau Government Research Bureau announced employment statistics for the April -June quarter of this year (2022). The total unemployment rate was 3.7%, and the unemployment 슬롯머신 rate for Macau residents (Macau people ID card holders) was 4.8%. From the previous survey (March to May this year), the former rose 0.3 points (PT) and the latter rose by 0.4 points (worse). In Macau, a new Corona (Omicron BA.5) outbreak occurred in mid -June, taking extremely strict epidemic measures. Despite the fact that the situation has finally settled down, the situation has not ended, and the bureau has stated that the unemployment rate has risen. Recently, the high level since 2009, which was affected by the Lehman shock. The incomplete employment rate is 4.1%, up 0.7pt. The working population of Macau residence in the April -June quarter of this year was 3781 million, and the labor participation rate was 68.3%. The work population is 3642 million, a decrease of 600 from the previous survey, and 27.55 million in Macau residents, down 400. The unemployed population is 1,390,000, down 1,100 from the previous survey. There were many people who were engaged in casino casino intermediaries and construction industry just before the unemployed job. In addition, the proportion of new labor increased for the first time is 7.0%of 0.4 pt. The number of incomplete employees increased by 3,000 to 157 million. Due to the temporarily suspension of holidays and a shrinking business scale due to epidemic control measures, the number of people in casino casinos and retailers increased noticeable. In comparison with the previous quarter, the total unemployment rate was 3.7%of the rise of 0.2 pt, and the unemployment rate only for Macau people increased by 0.3 pt. The work population is down 7,000, and the number of Macau residents is reduced by 3,400. Regarding the number of employment trends by industry, casinos and casino intermediaries are 696 million, a 3100 people decreased, and the construction industry has fallen by 291 million, and the education has increased by 2400 to 2.14 million. The mid -monthly salary of the employment population in the April -June quarter is 15,300 Pataka (about 252,000 yen), which decreases from the previous quarter (Japanese yen conversion: about 12,000 yen), by industry, by industry. The casino intermediary is 20,000 Pataka (about 329,000 yen), and the construction industry is 14,800 Macau Pataka (about 244,000 yen). The mid -monthly salary of the working population for Macau residents is 600 Pataka (about 10,000 yen), 19,400 Pataka (about 319,000 yen). The statistics of employment surveys are residents of houses on the Macau Peninsula and Thai Pa Coloroan Island (excluding group platforms such as student dormitories and elderly entry facilities), and macau residents and overseas workers who commute to Macau from outside the area. Not included. The number of cross -border commuters for macau people and overseas workers is estimated to be about 885,000, and the total labor of Macau, including this, is 5,600,000 from the previous survey, 46.61 million. Overseas workers in Macau are overseas workers, and in the severe economic situation due to corona, the Macau Government and Labor Bureau (DSAL) will continue to work and prioritize employment of Macau residents. It has revealed that the number of people is adjusting. According to DSAL’s latest statistics, as of the end of May this year, the number of overseas workers was 165,253, a decrease of 1358 from the end of the previous month and 7717 from the end of the previous year. The decline has been declining recently. In the press release released on the afternoon of the 29th, DSAL is paying attention to the recent changes in employment status, and through job matching, job fair, vocational training, etc., it will support the employment of Macau residents. He said he was working continuously. He supported the employment of 3843 Macau people from January to July this year, and continued job matching by using online even after the most recent Omicron BA.5 outbreak.

good morning! No …

It’s not good on holidays, isn’t it?

The weather in Sapporo today is nice!

Meanwhile, I started sailing on Sunday!

It is Startin in early fall! I concentrated on swimming on the summer holidays

First of all, before that, I did a goodbye to marine jet!

Set …

Goodbye -I have been indebted for many years!

I didn’t use it anymore, so I gave it.

No kneading! So, I bought this because there was a surplus trailer!


second hand. It seems to be sold. I didn’t seem to sell, so I just started out.

The engine was purchased with a new Yamaha eight horsepower.

Now it looks like you can play again. Why did you buy a boat? ?


Well, I will enter the main subject.


6:30 departure!

There is a beach at the place where it came out, but when the waves are shabby, my experience is.

The offshore condition is not good! to worry···.

Well, let’s just go! And set a GPS to a shallow place in Okine!

However, 룰렛 swells came out from 50m!

When it exceeds 80m, water comes in from the bow!

I managed to arrive! There are three recreational fishing boats. The big ship is moving!

this is! No! It’s not frustrating! Immediately aiming for land!

What if you go down to 60m in Bi -kun while eating side waves? ?

Oh! wonder! It’s a good calm ~

Attach the device appropriately and prepare for a bake.

Then the birds are somewhat noisy on the land? ? ?

Let’s go! Output fully open! Full throttle in full bloom! Dissemination!

Arrive immediately! The first throw for the first time in 52m one month!

Hit immediately! But light? But pull …?


Fukuragi. Hey —? Thinking for the second! It takes immediately …

After about 10 hits, release, keep only the first one, and move a little.

Because it is not delicious at all! It is one of the trials.

The first throw of the movement …?

Gaya … Keep because it is big. Sanpei soup.

The wind comes out and I think it is unpleasant and return. To do a little at Maehama.

Strong wind! Shaba wave! The swell is also amazing! 9:20 I decided to return to the port.

Result is,

Gasay … but I can’t help it. I had only a little food and did not bring a jig.

Keep is 1 for Fushragi, 1 is Gaya, Appa 1 (for swallowing death), 4 Masoi

Mazoi is stable! After spawning.

I went home and ate it for dinner. I will never bring Fukuragi again! I don’t need it

Well, will it be calm this time? ? Let’s expect it today!

Again …