“Las Vegas I’m looking forward to resuming the world’s best show” O “that doesn’t die without seeing it”

Next year, I decided to go to Las Vegas for the first time in 10 years. I have been to Las Vegas more than 10 times,

The purpose is to go to see the Silk Dusoleil show, among them, “O” (O) is wonderful.

Actually, I have been watching “O” 10 times, and my late mother has been watching twice.

I’m looking at it so much, but I want to see it in Las Vegas next time, but now I’m suspended due to corona.

I sincerely pray that it will be revived by next year.

The following is an article I wrote 12 years ago. I wrote the bottom “Ichirou no Solon” yesterday. (smile)

Articles I have written about Las Vegas so far

Actually, there is a time when I was addicted to Las Vegas and went twice a year.

Long life, there are many things.

gambling? I do a casino, but I’m not a gambler.

I’ve been not good at betting for a long time.

Las Vegas Casino

If a non -gambler studies his casino, he won’t lose.

Well, I don’t think you can believe it, but it’s not a gambler.

(This story will be long, so if you have the 바카라카지노 opportunity, … I will write it easily below.)

By the way, I went to Las Vegas more than 10 times, and the total was of course + 400,000 yen. (smile)

So, Las Vegas is different from a casino.

I got into Silk de Soleil.

The Silk de Soleil show held at the permanent theater in Las Vegas is different from Japanese.

I took my deceased mother who loves Japanese theater (from Kabuki to Takarazuka).

She said, “I enjoyed my life without seeing” O “,

If she sees “O”, she can’t think of a life without seeing “O”. “

I was saying. It looks like me. (LOL)

I found the video of “O”.

Please take a look because it is attached behind.

The stage of “O” is located in a luxury hotel called Belagio.

(Casino customers stayed at a casino rate for about 100 $ 1 night.)

This hotel is also famous for fountain shows. It’s a great deal, so please use a video.

There are dozens of fountain shows, but this is your favorite fountain.

The fountain rises to tens of meters in height and dances with music.

This video has not been told one -tenth of the power.

It’s powerful that only the people who go.

In the last scene, the fountain rises higher than the hotel. It sounds on your stomach.

This hotel is made in conscious of the resort of Moko Lake, Italy, and it is amazing because it created a lake in the desert in Las Vegas.

Most actors disappear in the water.

If the music is mysterious, the actors who have disappeared in the water will not come out of the water.

It really disappears in the water. A surprisingly mysterious world develops.

The actors are doing the Olympic grade, but they are so large that they don’t know where to look.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can’t explain it.

It’s a world that you can’t understand unless you see it.

I also see Silk de Soleil in Japan, but it is different.

I spent transportation expenses and saw “O” 10 times, but I want to go again.

A friend who goes with him, he looks at it five times, but he still says, “Let’s go again.”

Ichirou’s another word

(There is no lie in this expected value because of the state tax collection.)

Blackjack and video poker have a basic strategy called basic strategy, so if you don’t remove it,

There is an expectation of about 99 %.

Gamblers can make a lot of money and lose their basic strategies because they dream of getting rich.

I’m not a gambler, just play faithfully to the basic strategy and stop when I win.

The hotel can stay cheaply at the casino rate. (It will also be free.)

This show can also be seen in a good seat.

That’s why I didn’t go to Las Vegas for a casino, but to see the show in a good seat

I did a casino. At first I couldn’t get the “O” ticket, so …

Below, from the wiki pedia

O (o)

Performance hotel: Bellagio

Naming based on EAU, which means water in French.

A typical performance that spreads the reputation of Silk de Soleil at once. A stage device that has an impact that can not be understood at first glance that the stage becomes a huge pool in an instant. It was acclaimed that the synchronized swimming element was added to the performance of Silk de Soleil so far, creating a world view that had never been experienced. At the beginning of the performance, it was so popular that I couldn’t make a reservation at all, which made me know around the world.

MyStère (Mistaire. Often read English as “Mistia”)

Performance Hotel: Treasure Island

A performance that has been performed since 1993 and triggered Silk de Soleil to the current great success in Las Vegas. Here is the form of Silk de Soleil’s “avant -garde circus”. Even today, which has been performed in many parts of the world, it is still evolving while changing the shape little by little.

ZUMANITY (Zumanity) Refused under the age of 18, the performer is nude …

Performance Hotel: New York, New York


A performance for adults with the theme of gender. It is very narrow as a theater and you can see the performance in front of you.

Kà (car)

Performance Hotel: MGM Grand

Kà (a general term for various souls in the human heart)

Since it was made after “O”, which became a very popular reputation, the out -of -the -scenes production was further escalated. An overwhelming space production that has never experienced, where the stage itself rises three -dimensionally. This is the most mechanical performance of Silk de Soleil.


Performance hotel: Mirage

A performance with the theme of the Beatles. It is clearly different from other Silk de Soleil’s performances, and is more important than the circus part, and is more important to experience the concert space across the times. The feeling of experiencing a 2 -hour promotional video in real time.

Criss Angel Believe

Performance hotel: Luxor

I hope you will revive it soon.

Ichirou’s solitary speaking

I wanted to write this article because I found such a video.

“Spotlight On” O “Cirqde Du Soleil

It is a 30 -minute video. How amazing are you doing? Please imagine.

How hard is it if you bother the aerial swing on a swaying boat?

It is a video that also introduces people who are supported underwater.

Because it is a 4K video, I want you to see it on a big screen if possible.

The stage of “O” is

Like seeing the Olympic athlete’s acting in front of you, it’s more dangerous.

Moreover, it is artificially enhanced.

I saw it 10 times on a terrible stage where I didn’t know where to look at it just by looking at it once.

I want to see it again. It may be the same as being impressed by looking at the Olympics many times. Once on the stage is a serious game.

Next year, if “O” has been resumed, I would be glad if you could see the friends and couples to go with me.

Well, I can see it alone. (smile)

Joe Russo “Grayman”

Joe Russo is best known for supervising some of the most successful films ever, along with his brother Anthony. He is the latest action film “Grayman” starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and talks about how he spent respect in the 1980s.

See page 11 new features on the screen

Please choose from a new action movie by the manufacturer of “Avengers: End Game” and a smart drama about missing characters.


Sierra Six (Ryangzu Ring), rescued from life imprisonment, becomes a CIA elite black option soldier. After knowing his boss’s dirty transactions, he becomes fraudulent. The Luco brothers’ films are just over two hours, and the action is all over the wall, but lacks a certain level of freshness and clarity. (Netflix)

-Toro birds

The attractive and cheeky Jimikien (Talon Egaton) has been convicted for 10 years in drug trading. FBI investigator Lauren Maccori (Sepide Moafi) provides him to end his sentence. Based on the true story, Hauser is riveted as a continuous confession with a triggered confession with a triggered confession that the police refuse to take seriously: He crawls you while talking about his “dream”. Ray Riotta is one of his last roles, and he plays the sick father of Jimmy, a former regrettable police officer. The new episode will be dropped on Friday. (Apple TV +)


Set in Athens, DJ Mickey (Sebas Changchtan) and immigrant lawyer Chloe (Denny Sugov) will gather at a party. He is rotating and he is IFEELLOVE. The charm is mutual. Instead of returning to the United States, she moves with him. I have been following couples from Friday to Monday for over a year. It is a high price on Friday, but on Monday it is a call for awakening. Mickey seems to be “happy only when failed.” There are too many sex scenes and the annoying adult behavior is bad. (Amazon Prime)


A sloppy drama in Rajat Capour’s Twisty. The director RK, played by Kapoor, creates something that looks like a romantic thriller set in the 1950s, where he plays a man who spits Uduu named Mahmoob. One day, when Mahboob is strangely missing, it is up to RK to find his character and save his movie. (In the theater)

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This technology is expected to revolutionize Internet security and help protect data in the industry as a whole. As the last novel of Jane Austin, persuasion (published after her death in 1817-18) is attracting attention between the protagonist and her fans. Sadly, but this lacks the recent adaptation of novels. It smoke fans like Sure My Edas. The original Anne grows into a woman who learns what she thinks on her own, and her maturity and understanding are different from other Austin heroines. However, in the 2022 version, Ann is a grumpy and distracted girl, not an intelligent and talented woman who is still in love with her former fiancee. Human relations >> That’s complicated, she is pivot, preserved, or dies? “Veettukarodathe” (2021) of Saju Kunhan. Rightning Sajukunhan and TarQ, “My memory keeps disturbing your history,” wrote in his poem “Farewel L”. 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Elephant ownership is a controversy and complicated problem in India. The ownership and use of these large mammals leads to tradition and culture, and at the same time, the lives of physical and mental stress will be awarded illegal transactions. Jagging a competing perspective in one story is well known to Joe Russo. Along with his brother Anthony, Joe Russo is producing Hollywood’s largest action films such as Avengers and successful programs such as Arrested. development . Glayman, starring Dunuche, was released earlier this week. Russo talks about his lounge about organizing a variety of characters and ideas, affection for pop culture, and making films that his and brothers love. Each story of this issue provides an idea of ​​an answer that is considered to be a variety of perspectives in questions about memory, history, and continuity. 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The curator team believes that the two terms have been used as synonyms for decades, but their paths have branched in the 1990s. “Although there was no unanimous meeting about where the boundary was accurately, the Bengal school painters and progressive were modernly labeled with consensus, and the artists introduced at the current exhibition were classified as the same age. I did, “said the curator notebook. The show includes artists such as Dulva Mistrict, Jayashley Chakravalti, Gitish Carat, and Lina Carat. From July 28 to August 20, from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm (Tuesday to Saturday) from July 28 to August 20 — the reason why the editing India seems to be set for the glory of the T20 Ricab pants batting and Rohit Charma captain have been talking about the chance of the Indian World Cup. Richab pants at Old Traoford on July 17. (Above, left) Haldik Pandia and Rohit Charma (right). The undefeated 125 of the Richab pants held at Old Traoford, Manchester on Sunday, won India for the first time in 48 years in England in the fourth ODI (One Day International) series, and for the T20 and the ODI World Cup team. It is strong. Up – T20 tournament from October to November and the ODI World Cup in the second half of next year. The intense wettar batter has created a knock that defines the series in the test, but has not been achieved in the Limited Over format. The first century of the 27th games since the 2018 ODI debut has shown that the 24 -year -old mature, one of the most exciting talents in the world, has increased. Apart from the run he scored, he suggests his way to his successful success is the way he has acquired them. Pants are welcomed by a fearless batting, but they are often guilty of gifts. His century and 50 in the series decision test in Birmingham earlier this month were wasted after being sucked into a wide ball from the part -time off -spinning Joe Route in the first inning. Later, he fell into a reverse sweep from the left arm spinner jack reach twice. When he jumped out of the fold and defeated the off -spinner Moren Ali, he may have been fired in Old Trafford. However, Jos Butler, a new Skipper in England, has erased a tremendous opportunity. When his pants were 18, he sat down and reached the ball century and saved India from an unstable 72-4. In fact, he was overtaken by all -rounder Haldikpandia, who won 71 points in the 133rd -run fifth wicket partnership. Pandia’s performance in Bat and Ball makes 타이산게임 him an English ODI series player and checks another big box in the Indian World Cup lead -in. He was the shadow of his predecessor in the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates last year, and was pulled back to the team without completely recovering from the back surgery. In this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), he found Mojo not only as a bat and ball but also as a captain, and led the new franchise, Gujarato Titans, to the title. His captain’s experience ended with him as a batter who could adapt to the situation, not just a hitting finisher. His main line, Batsman’s 4 wicket, records 24 runs with 7 over 7 in the final ODI with England, followed by 50 runs in Lancheus, and is counted as one of the best all -round performances in India. Intelligence, which uses the jumping back of Old Traofordwibits, combines the captain Rohit Sharma to enhance India’s ability to play smart crickets under pressure. Sharma has won the Limited Over Series to New Zealand, Sri Lanka, West Indian Islands, and England, and has been overtaken by Vilat Corporation, and has been 100 % successful as captains. The only ODI series that India lost during this period was under Klrahul in South Africa. Under the absence of Sharma, there was also a T20 series drawn at home under South Africa under the pants. The reason Sharma succeeded as an Indian captain is the same as he has been very useful for him since he was in charge of Mumbayin Dians in 2013. It is an aggressive idea and makes the most of the powerful team. This was a sufficient evidence of the Bowler rotation and the placement of the field, the British T20 and the ODI series. India also adopts more aggressive modes in hitting, abandoning the role of first -class Batsman’s anchors regardless of the falling of wicket, and encouraging all players to show more intentions and take risks. did. Charma’s master stroke was to send pants to the fourth bat, enabling more space and range for left -handed precocious talents to mature. He didn’t need to hit the bat at the first ODI, and went to the duck with the second ODI. However, the think tank maintained the lineup. The pants were also tested as T20 opener instead of injured Ralan. He scored only 1 and 26 in two outings, but it was a bold movement we might see again. For now, we can expect the resurrection of Ralan, which has been a wonderful figure in all formats since last year. Meanwhile, Suryakumar Yadav strongly claimed fifth place after Shreyas Ier could not process shortball. The medium pace of Pandia and the left arm spinner Rabindora Jadiya concluded the powerful lineup. One of the major difficulties is the appearance of a former skipper, which is going to be worse. His past records and the megaster status are likely to be with him in an important third slot that Sharma and Coach Rahle Dravid are important. However, if Kori can’t find a way to get out of the hole that he dug himself with his forefoot fixing, it may be found that it is an Indian batting Achilles tendon in the World Cup. Bowling continues to be led by a reliable Jassprit Bumura, Mohamed Chami, and the world’s best cricket. Pandia’s ability to bend his back to get wicked in England adds extra dimensions missing in the previous World Cup. Another bowler, Buboneshwarkmar, who was below the par in the 2021 T20 World Cup, is bowling faster to the swing and seam movement. How he pays in Australia, whose wicking is hard and clear is an interesting question for bowlers who are greatly dependent on releasing the ball from the air or lawn. However, India has some good options for tall and speedy bowlers that can use the Australian wake pace and bounce back. Placid Krishna was off -color in England, but IPL and previously played against the West Indian Islands at his home. AVESH KHAN is another candidate, but it boiled a little after becoming the second highest wake taker last year’s IPL. It’s a pity that the selector has not tried his bowling partner at Lukknows Usinkan, a quick moshinkan on his left arm, which was very good in the IPL season. They gave the fastest bowler in this country, Kashmir Umran Malik, a cap. However, he was only able to play two games and England for Ireland, and proved that it was expensive in all three games. If India is seriously thinking about unleashing a rookie on Australian wheels in the T20 World Cup, he needs to play in 11 games at once to find his direction. It can be an X factor in Indian bowling, with the new confidence of Leg Spinner Juzwendra Chahal. As a whole, the preparation for the Indian World Cup is progressing smoothly. Hopefully the selector will do a better job than last year. SUMIT CHAKRABERTY is a bangalole -based writer. Will he have a child? Serapy is the first step in recognizing the concerns that the couple cannot solve, and he chooses a treatment method to discuss the anxiety about parent -child relationships frankly. In the first session, a couple in their early 30s wants to explore whether they should have a baby in therapy. They are not convinced of giving birth to a baby and do not oppose that idea. So, they want to make a choice based on information about the possibility of becoming a parent and what they bring to them as a couple. In the past five to six years, more and more couples have been working on treatment to deal with this concern. Sometimes, you may want to explore and understand the needs and reasons for giving birth to your child, or decide whether to give birth to a baby may determine the shared relationship and the future of marriage. In many cases, one partner is eager to have a child, but the other partner is not ready and enthusiastic. 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This fear can be a hindrance to decision -making and weaken, even if they really want a child. A male client asked me. “What can I learn to be a good parent? I really want a baby, but I’m worried that I’m going to destroy myself.” It indicates that if there are only two young couples, the degree of freedom and flexibility of life and travel can be increased. As a result, many couples take time to understand whether they want to take root in one place. Pandemic also recognized people that medical facilities, childcare, and childcare centers could make it difficult for both partners to work. If there is no support for both local communities and organizations, many couples may be able to impair their relationships and feel that there is a risk of burning syndrome. In addition to this, the decision is even more complicated, whether economic anxiety about work, lack of savings, debt, and mortgage loans or mortgages. In addition, in the past two years, in some cases, one or both partners are suffering from mental health issues, even if they are taking psychiatric medicine. This leads to a couple who wonders if they have internal resources to raise their children. In the past few years, the reasons for influencing the couple’s decisions have been hierarchical, and it has been revealed that emotional load has been applied. Probably, organizations, communities, and policy implementers need to invest in a method of creating a psychologically safe place to provide systematic support, but couples continue to make choices based on information. increase. SONALI GUPTA is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai. She is the author of this Anxiety: Overcome It and Live without Fear, she has a YouTube channel Mental Healthwithsonali.