It’s like the world of the movie “Session”!?

What you can learn at the prestigious Berkley University is a student ID card of Berkeley College of Music. If you present this card, you can rent a personal practice studio for 8 hours a day. It is a movie depicting a young man studying a jazz drum at a prestigious sound growing while being mentally driven by the crazy guidance of a teacher seeking perfection. I think the top -level music college is so harsh? Jackson, who has experience studying abroad at Berkeley College of Music, a prestigious university in the United States, and is currently active as a band Ryu Matsuyama, talked about the actual situation. [Photo] Jackson who conveys the nuances of the class while hitting the drum set at home -can you easily explain Berkeley College of Music? (JACKSON, hereinafter referred to as) There are many music 카지노사이트 universities in the United States, among which Berkeley College of Music is famous as a university that learns popular music. You can learn not only courses to learn as players and composers, but also such “production aspects”, such as movie music, how to make jingles for commercials, and recording engineers. I think one of the attractions is that there are many so -called legendary teachers in the music industry and that they can learn directly from them. ――How did you decide to study at Berkeley College of Music? I had been playing drums on my own since I was young, but I had no touch on music theory. Actually, when I was attending college, I decided to join a bank at least once. However, as a result of thinking, “I have left anything,” I thought, “Let’s take a jazz seminar that I had been worried about before.” A trumpet player named Tiger Ogoshi, a professor at Berkeley College of Music, has a jazz seminar held many times in Hokkaido. There are other teachers at Berkeley College of Music as a lecturer. When I participated in it, Tiger Ogoshi said, “If you study a little more music, you can become a more interesting player.” is. At that time, the teachers of Berkley College of Music came to a music school in which Berkley College of Music from Boston came to Japan and auditioned for scholarships. It was.

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