I came to see Xiangchi and fell into brewing

Obviously I came to see Marvel’s movie, and came out with the afterglow of the Hong Kong film that had been in the golden season in the 8 and 90s. It was great to immerse 바카라 in the sad eyes of the brewery. The story of ‘The Legend of Shangchi and Ten Lings’, which is scheduled to be released on September 1.

The most noticeable part of Champs is that it actively accepted the Asian culture and melted it into the film. MCU, which has been pursuing diversity, has gradually expanded its worldview and has recently reflected various cultures in the film. For example, in the Black Panther, which was released three years ago, the color of Africa was put into the kingdom of Wakanda. The same is true for Champs. In this film, the Chinese culture combined to provide a different beauty.

In the play, Macau, the hometown of Champ (Shimu Liu), to the legendary macau, the legendary animals including the dragon, and the doubles of the characters, the colors of China were felt. Although it is a very familiar landscape for domestic audiences, it was a new feeling in the MCU movie. For example, it was interesting to express the confrontation between the latter part of the dragon and the evil forces.

In addition, there are many action scenes that cannot take their eyes off. From the first scene where you can realize the power of Wenwoo (Yangjo), the bus fighting scene where Champs and Ten Libers are facing, Macau exterior gods, and machae battles are filled with splendor. The sights are certain.

It is also attractive to the East and Western harmony in the action. Even though it shows the explosive power and power that stretches straight in a straight line, it is expressed as an elegant and soft line like a song linear. It is implemented balanced without biased on one side.

It is also a brewing that plays Chitki Wen of ‘Shangchi’. In the play, Wen Woo had the power to control the world with the Ten Liberation, but Billan lives with the sadness of losing her beloved wife. The reason for the use of her power is also because of the wrong light caused by the sadness of her dead wife. The Yangjo Wi made Wenwoo an attractive character with sad eyes and expressions. It is not too much to say that ‘chewed the screen’. His inner knowing is well known, but he re -entered from ‘Shangchi’.

Shimu Liu, the son of Wenwoo and the main character, Champs, was also noticeable in this film. Her Hero Xiang Chi, who will lead Phase 4 with the action that shows his mother’s longing for his mother and his father’s love for his father, is a foothold. Kim Jong, who was familiar with Kim Cine’s convenience store, succeeded in transforming himself. That’s why the two shots of Champs and Wenwoo were also very high.

However, it is a pity that the flashback appears every important moment. This is a device for explaining the Xiangchi family history, but there is a strong feeling to explain in a too monotonous way. Because of this, the Mac falls out and loosens in 132 minutes of running time. In addition, as the story of the relationship between Xiangchi and her friend Katie (Aquanna) unfolds, the natural sections are revealed.


#. First, I start and start, but it’s Marvel. The Marvel logo and the movies that start with the music are those who believe it is fun.

#. I missed the release of .

#. It took almost a month to see everything. I cut it three times or four times. Feeling like a ten -piece drama.

#. There is a brewing right at the opening. In the form of ancient Chinese warriors. It’s a bit sad to see the traces of the years, but it’s still cool.

#. But … I couldn’t see it at the top of the steel picture. It is a recall scene where the two parents of the main character Champs first meet and play 온라인바둑이 in the forest. Of course it’s a personal feeling. It was hard to watch the martial arts scenes like the indoor set, the colorful space of the indoor set, the colorful oriental forest applied to the excessive CG, and the ballet movements that had no one. I thought that way. Oh, I feel like a martial arts scene that Westerners think.

#. Still, I was curious about the contents. Honestly, I’m not really interested in who the protagonist is, who is, but what the character is doing, but the villain’s brewery is nicely coming out to the end. Again, the appreciation challenge.

#. The fighting scenes in the San Francisco tram bus were fresh. Some reviews said that I saw it all the scenes. I continue to continue, but the main characters go to the East (Macau?). Please do not want to come out. Secret martial arts convention halls, assassin groups such as ninjas, secret employees in mountains like Tibet, and practiced martial arts in line with each other. It is worse.

#. I watched the movie with this expression all the time because of the unparalleled characters who only keep up with the middle -aged ambassadors, the obvious development, and the boring martial arts fighting scenes.

#. Eventually I turned off for the second time.

#. Recently played again with a strong desire to punish it as a peace. I finally saw it. I wanted to patted it, and I themselves. Usually I just forgot and passed by, but I wanted to write a different sense in a different sense. This feels like being dragged into a bad girl for some reason.

#. Brewery, which was attractive to the end of the eyes and bitter smile that seemed to fall in this total difficulty, you are moral book.

#. Yes, if the brew was rather Champ.

#. But what is the person doing?

One line comment: Save people.

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