Episode 08 #The sorrow of those who have been pushed for many

‡ 9-4 ‡

May 28, 2016. It would have been an ordinary daily life for him.

1.44 million won at the time of monthly salary. That day, lunch or evening would have been trying to solve the meal with a cup of ramen in the bag. A young man, who was a only son, jumped into the social field at a young age with a short time behind his youth. He was a young man who worked more sincerely than anyone else to be a house that was difficult to live, but he worked on the subway platform, which was written 9-4 dawn when the sun opened his eyes, and did not come back.

One dawn of two years later, when the pain of 2016 could not go, a young man who opposed outsourcing did not return to the conveyor belt alone. Incheon, 2021, 24 hours of factory. Workers in their 50s who worked without safety managers did not return after climbing the conveyor belt. Even a month ago, even a year ago …

utilitarianism. The greatest number of happiness is the idea that the axiom is based on value judgment. Is there anyone who still sympathizes with the idea of ​​utilitarianism while living in the present? Everyone knows and understands the problems of utilitarian ideas. But if you think about it a little, our world returns to utilitarianism. We are already living in a world where the minority is already exploited for the majority. It may be a fact that everyone knows without an example. Therefore, we are struggling to become a minority of society. Perhaps the cause of this world is probably the arrival of capitalism. Capitalism is the point of desire to enjoy the maximum effect compared to the input. Therefore, the value of ‘people’ has long been worth worth the word ‘capital’. No, even the same person has changed its meaning and value. The companies naturally move the factory to the lowest unit price to achieve the biggest profit. In other words, each country or cities have a different ransom. In this factory, there is no investor in safety that does not lead to results. Even if it is connected to the life of a man. Because they somehow focus on whether they will benefit greatly by minimizing cheap ransom people.

In conjunction with this flow of capitalism, it is no longer dragon in the stream. How can we put people’s values ​​back? Maybe it’s impossible. But there are people who continue to raise this problem. Taylor Sheridan. His first debut film, Wind River, is a film that faces how much tragedy the desires of this era, which can never be solved. Those who live and accept the pain in the land where tragedy and tragedy are constantly occurring. In this age of capital, Wind River is a film about the pain of the workers who were pushed to the coin of capitalism and the indigenous people who were pushed to a poor place with ruthless plunder.

‡ scriptwriter ‡

Who is one of the best scriptwriters in the 2020? Perhaps one of the candidates is Taylor Sheridan. He first announced his name as an actor before he became a scriptwriter. But unfortunately he was not successful as an actor. About six years later, he stepped back to the film industry as a scriptwriter. The first work he made his name to the world is probably Sikario: A City of Assassin. Sikario was a director who was recognized as one of the best in the film industry at the time, so Taylor Sheridan’s script was not much noticed. Taylor Sheridan later wrote the writer of the film Lost in Dust and succeeded once more for criticism and performance. Only then did Taylor Sheridon as a scriptwriter began to pay attention to the film industry.

Taylor Sheridan is then a film director with his script, and his filmmaker’s debut is . Taylor Sheridan has a great success as a director with two rabbits, criticism and hit as a director. In this way, the film succeeds from Sicario to Wind River, and the movies above have one thing in common. Sikario is Mexico Huarez, Lost in Dust is Texas, USA, and Wind River is Wyoming’s background. All three are set against the border or border, so that the three films are tied to the border trilogy*. Then why did he stick to the border?

*Although Sikario: Day of Soldado, the sequel to the movie Sicario: The City of Assassin, is included in the border, it is relatively less completely compared to the above three pieces, which may not be included in the border series.

‡ Abandoned Land: Protection Zone for those who are pushed

Silent snow that even disappears even footprints. Even the footsteps that have passed by because of the snow falling every moment disappear. The whole world is covered in white and the flesh is colored on our eyes. There are people who have no choice but to live in the Wind River, which is likely to live. By the US government’s Aboriginal migration policy, the indigenous people who lived on this land were driven to land where people could not 코인카지노 live. In fact, the name of the Indian Protection Zone called the Wind River is used as the title of the film, which gives us a lot of meaning to us. The United States has designated the land and drove them out of the name of protecting the indigenous people, but I don’t care about the protection. No, the expression of throwing away will be more accurate.

The film also expresses this in detail. Through the death of an Indian girl, the film tells a lot about the reality of the Indian protection area. Even though the smarter and most anticipated in the village, they are dead, and they have no people and ability to investigate death by their own. There are only six Indian police deployed on the land of about 9,000 square kilometers. Even the investigation is not easy due to frequent snow purple. They ask the federal government for help, and soon a female FBI, Jane, arrives. The film shows how the United States treats the Indians through Jane. She arrived in the name of the FBI, and she is a person who has a significant drop in experience in the field. She appears to be unprepared at all, such as not preparing for the weather of cold and wearing thin clothes, and the worse Indians lend their clothes. The film shows that Jane’s underwear is exposed in the scenes where she goes one step further, and her underwear is intentionally emphasized by her FBI’s experience and skills. In the previous work of Taylor Sherry Dunn, Shika Rio, the female FBI appears as the main character (Emily Blunt), and she is described as a woman with abundant experience and very good. In other words, even though she has the ability to describe the FBI’s ability through her previous work, she is intentional in Wind River. In other words, the director’s intention is that the US government is not interested in the murders in the Indian protection area. I reluctantly dispatched one person. The attitude of the United States dealing with the Indians is so clear.

The United States invaded the land that was mistaken for India, and unilaterally slaughtered and suppressed the indigenous people who lived on the continent. Eventually, after several wars, they moved them to a protected area, but they were unilateral and disadvantageous treaties. This Indian Migration Law was virtually a forced migration based on force, and it was a threat based on the declaration that the tribe was destroyed when it was not followed. The Indians who were backlashed were resisted and protested, but they suffered a lot of damage and eventually pushed.

In some ways, history is really ironic. No, the truth of history is cruel. When the Columbus group first stepped on the land in 1429, the Indians are said to have welcomed them. However, the Columbus group kidnapped the Indians and sold them as slaves, and committed the cruelty of plunder, rape, torture, and murder, including cutting their wrists. It is ironic that they are involved as a pioneer who discovers the land of the United States, who occupy a list of great man in the world.

Eventually, they took away the land of the indigenous people, drove them into a land where people could not live, and then destroyed their self -sufficiency in various ways. The film mentions the casino, where the Indians are employed in the casino, and they use some of the casino’s income to the Indians. Casinos act as one of the many reasons that make them lose their self -sustainability. The casino is castrated with the future of the young people with sweet temptation, which induces the benefits of the casino and the unsuccessful people. The United States is pretending not to know what to do with the so -called ‘tong’ of the education and jobs they need. Rather, it is no exaggeration to say that the United States is implementing the educational, jobs, and security that they need beyond the negligence. It’s like an Indian flag that seems to have been abandoned next to a scattered flag in a movie.

‡ Those who have been pushed into abandoned land ‡

Investigating the death of Indian girl Natalie, they find a similarity with the murder case three years ago. Approaching the truth, they find the body of a white man. Following the snowmobile marks on the eyes near the founded body, the group finds out that traces of accommodations of security companies of a company. Police and Jane want to search the accommodation, but they succeed in overwhelming them with the help of the guards and shooting. The scene of the film is tightly composed of a trailer and a tension until the shootout occurs in the field. Starting with the security guards surrounding Jane’s group, talking to Jane to investigate the trailer, he is experienced as a director who raises the suspense until the audience’s unexpected shooting. In addition, the director does not miss the psychology of criminals through the trailer. Trailer is located on a white snowy field somewhere in the mountains. There is a scene where the girl runs in the movie opening sequence. In other words, there is nothing but a factory around the trailer. By showing this by the director, the criminal’s final ambassador allows the audience to feel the endless greed of human beings.

‘Do you know what you feel like to be trapped in this place? There is nothing here! Women too! Enjoy! Just keep your eyes and stack again! It’s boring! boring!!!’

Then Cory asks.

‘My family lived here for nearly 100 years. The only thing that you didn’t lose from you was this eye and boredom. What did you take away? ‘

The criminal is white. Why do you talk about the Indian protection area even though it is the mainstream of a society? He is also pushed by the greed of capitalism. He failed in the competition and he could only get this job. Those who have been pushed like this are as if they were living at the end of the world. Among them, the security guard Matt, who had entered the Indian girl Natalie, tells Natalie a big city and inflates her dreams. It is reminiscent of a rural girl who appeared frequently in Korean films in the 1970s, and as always, they are tragic fate.

And one more cruel story remains. Even though they pushed them on the terrible land, what remained more, and are the factories entering and exploiting the land? Maybe it’s shale oil. In Taylor Sheridan’s second work, Lost in Dust, it depicts the process after the collapse of the entire Texas village due to shale oil, dare to guess that the texture of the greed of capital will lead to Wind River. . While the factory is built, the company sucks the blood of capital. And those who have been pushed are forced to live a terrible life. So in the past and now, greed for capital pushes people away from the value of dignity.

‘There is no luck here. Luck is in the city. There is no such thing here. It’s not a matter of everyday life, whether you’re hit by a passing bus, a robbery, or a call. Here is one of them surviving or being beaten. Only strong people survive. ‘

It is like a jungle dominated by the logic of meat. Is the everyday environment where people can’t live like human be lazy or weak? For those who are already powerful and who have money, people who have money and weak people are originally equally fair, so let’s say competing. And by blaming them in the hell of the devil, they forget their uncomfortable truth and turn their eyes. Like the world was fair.

And he is lazy to be pushed out of the competition, making it easy to blame the individual.

‡ The last subtitle of the scriptwriter ‡

‘The figures that have been caught in demographic statistics so far have not been aggregated. Nobody knows how many people are missing. ‘

The intention and purpose of Taylor Sheridan is clear. In an interview, the interview emphasized that Indian women were four times more raped than other women in the United States, and she wanted to realize what is happening in American society. Taylor Sherry Dunn, she realized how miserable people were living on the land where capital eroded, and she threw a heavy message to society through the film. She motivated her to gather and solidify people’s attention by reflecting on the lives of those living in the same time at this moment. And even if this valuable message is not supported by the completeness of the film, the public does not capture the hearts of the public, and this is the best scriptwriter and new director of this era who gave a great sound to the public through the film. Applause. And I hope that many interesting movies will be released for those who have been pushed into the world. It would be nice if many movies resonate our hearts so that we can push our hands towards others, so that the world where people can live as more humanly will come quickly. It is just a social worker who likes movies.

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