“Did you fall into a small item?”

This petit flame uproar is

Please take up the summary site while being irregular

I was able to leave a good number

No one is exposed

σ (^┰ ゜)

I can’t say it in detail because I only look at the summary site.

Only accessories are making noise

Small items have no choice but to make a fuss

And it’s really true mixed with small items

Madao’s reply

What does this mean?

“The end of Madao”

You probably haven’t made money as before

Eight hits from there

Slop also sells information on Note

At this point it is linked to what you have not earned

Σ (゚ д ゚;)

It’s a sight that you often see on the net

If you find one object, the attack begins in the group

Desperate to take the risk even though you don’t even know the target you are attacking

Their life is full of dissatisfaction

I’m dissatisfied so I’m desperate to get involved

My name is the losing group psychology

Madao falls to one of them

(゜. ゜) Pokan

Actually, was Madao enviable about me?

Kiriko Kirikaze, who once worshiped Madao, had a relationship with P Hall nationwide.

Nevertheless, I (Madao) hits the lever, holding the handle, or is wandering for Ena ..

She continues to live a valuable life without any change or growth

And the decrease in earning was visible and hidden.

Frustrated every day

There this petit flame uproar

The stress he had accumulated was activated towards me

Ameblo, which had stopped on a yearly basis, moved

Two articles should be dedicated to me, but the article renewal will be covered

No way

ヾ (´ ー `) ノ ~ Bai


The charisma named Madao on the side of the written side

He has turned to the writing side


Proof that the other person 슬롯머신사이트 is above you

I can’t win, so write it on the net

= Losing group

There is no Madao of my longing trip there

No matter how you are hostile to society

Make money in slots as you like, buy women, live and live as you like

I don’t even think about the future

A life that keeps pursuing only immediate profits as a pachipro

Holding such a longing

I also named it a modern “powerful man”

The powerful family is the strongest creature on the ground = Yujiro Norima

Is Yujiro Norima written on the net?

┐ (´ ~ `;) ┌

However, the turmoil develops so much from the fire notice ..

Multiple accessories, its surroundings, Parlafle throttle, Madao ..

My influence is quite good

Moreover, from the misunderstanding of a female actor

ヾ (´∀ `*) Ahaha!

“After all, as one of them, he can’t come to my strength.”

Shosen, is Madao only food?

“Cine as my food”

Only anime that is not found in the original Shishio’s true dialogue

Because the big game is big

It does not participate in the crawls.

Madao was also a small item because I couldn’t penetrate the bystander

Small items can be used as food

This is a guide about how to use VVDI Prog + VVDI2 to program all keys lost on the bench into 2012 Porsche 911–991. The BCM module must be removed from the vehicle. Ends in 3 steps. Follow the procedure to learn how to execute.

Required tools

BCM module, US version, 315MHz.

VVDI program

Xhorse VVDI2

MC9S12 Reflash cable

A new key of 315MHz.

step 1. Read and save D-flash

Sprinkle the MC9S12 cable on the BCM and connect it to VVDIPROG.

Open the VVDI PROG software and select an option.

Type: 4-Imobrizer

Brand: Porsche

Chip: BCM-5M48H-Backup

Click “Read”.

Please read the success.

Click “Confirm”.

Check the success.

Save the D-flash file.

Step 2. Generate dealer key

Place the new key in the VVDI2 Keithlot.

Entered VVDI2 Porschesoftware,

Load the D-flash file >> Select the blank key position: Key 3 >> Prepare the dealer key >> OK

Save the new EEPROM file (this new data file can be used for key learning by OBD).

Add the success of the dealer key.

Learn a new dealer key via OBD2 or flash new files to your car!

If you want to add a new key, use a new save file.

Step 3. Learn key

Remove all soldering wires and re -attach the BCM 파라오카지노 module to the vehicle.

Connect VVDI2 to OBD2.

Insert the key into the ignition.

Key Learning >> New Porscheky >> Learning

Click “Read”.

If it is not connected, turn on the ignition, press the hazelite, press the brakes several times to wake up.

Connection is OK.

EEPROM dump load >> Input learning key number: 1 >> key learning

I’m waiting until the key learning is completed …

All keys have been learned normally.

Take out the key and try it.

It works well.