“Daimaru Kobe store 2nd day of pure cafe”

At Daimaru Kobe store

During the break on the 7th floor of Daimaru Kobe store

The 7th floor is at the living 크레이지슬롯 goods section

Baccarat and feglorer, etc.

All sales floors

Very sophisticated

Daimaru Kobe store


Lakaren is also posted.

Immediately near Daimaru Kobe store

Cafe [Santos].

Opening a store together

Cat custom -made collar

With coffee and set

Kobe There are many delicious things

Look at the blog today as well

Thank you.

Can a referendum opposite a casino be realized? It is a signature movement to crush the casino with a referendum. Opposition reasons are gambling addiction and worsening security, but IR fails without worry. The era of Hakomono is over, and everything online accelerates. Corona has easily changed its values ​​in the world.

On April 26, Tweet IR’s great favorite, Osaka IR Co., Ltd. finally applied for an area development plan to the country. If the GO sign from the country is clear, the construction will begin 현금바둑이게임 in the spring of 2023 and aim to open after 2029. | 2022-05-02 00:13 | Society