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Unexpected escape (33 months)

I think I’m addicted to cell phone. In the past, I spent a day for various information searches for the small source, but nowadays I have stopped searching indefinitely. Even entertainment articles that don’t usually care about are overwhelmed by the main drama plot that you don’t see. Because of the cell phone, I have not spent time with the small business.

I couldn’t control myself, so I thought I couldn’t use the Internet to 2G phone, but I couldn’t give up the convenience of my smartphone. While I was suspicious of being addicted, I read a book and talked about addiction. The addiction to gambling and drugs was mainly treated, and there was no mobile phone story, but the symptoms of addicts were similar to me. It is addicted to something and interferes with everyday life. The moment the doubt became a reality, my heart was thorough.

I was scared, but I decided to face the truth for me and my child. I just leaned on the possibility that it might not be addicted because I was just anxious.

“There’s a story about gambling addiction in the book, but it’s the same as that of me. If you are next to the child, you will feel the desire to do a cell phone. Teacher, am I addicted to cell phone? ”

Instead of the answer, the teacher opened the Internet and was a scene from the movie “Tazza.” It is a scene where the devil appears when the protagonist Koni tries to cut his finger to endure the temptation of Hwatu.

A movie that left a buzzword called ‘Son Mo’. I was imagined that my hands were suddenly flying in the guarantee that I couldn’t stop addiction. Her heart was even more shrinked.

“What do you do with your phone?”

“Just look at useless entertainment articles.”

“Shinni doesn’t have something special with his cell phone. Nevertheless, the desire to do was raised. It’s addiction. This is not the will. If you keep staying away, you will be cut off one day. I have no choice but to turn off the power. What if the Soso later becomes a cell phone addiction? Oh ~ ”

no. I was desperately feeled that even a small source could be addicted to cell phones.

“But there are some mothers who make more cell phones than me. … . ”

“It’s not addiction to search because it has a purpose, but it’s addiction if you feel the desire to click on meaningless articles. If you don’t have a purpose and direction, it’s addiction. There’s a difference between just doing it or being caught in the aspiration. It’s different from the person who just wants to go to Kangwon Land Casino. Can I quit if I tell Shin not to not smartphones while looking at Soso? ”

At the end, she knelt down. I must have been addicted to cell phone. I was so excited about leaving the office. There is also a panic disorder, but now addiction? It seemed really crazy. The word ‘I can’t fix it’ continued to hover. What should I do now? Should we be treated together in the future? Can I treat it?

“I’m a cell phone addiction.”

While waiting for a prescription, I told my friendly nurse.

“okay? But do I see a lot of smartphones? Isn’t it all people these days? ”

“No, it’s not that, and I feel the desire to see my cell phone.”

Oh. She knew a 카지노룰렛 fact that she didn’t know to emphasize ‘desire’ to the nurse teacher. The desire for that cell phone is that it grows toxic when you are with a baby. When I was with Soso, I was curious about the entertainment engineer, I was curious about the contents of the katok conversation, and I ordered the things I had to buy all day. All happened when they were all sours. When Soso was going to a daycare center or playing with his dad, the desire was not felt. I just read books and writes. I didn’t even recognize it even when I had time.

‘You have to play with Soso now. It was easy to infer that the duty of interaction is a very important time. ” This heart made me want to get out of my child and found my cell phone like withdrawal. I was really sorry for my child, but if I felt desire only in certain situations, it was probably not to be addicted.

I decided to do my own self -test. She declared to her husband that he would change to 2G phone because he refrained from his cell phone as much as possible and failed for the next week. She also made a concrete practice plan because it is impossible to ‘do’ and ‘less’, and the standard is ambiguous. Do not click on the portal site entertainment engineer, but when you are a small source, keep your phone in a high bookcase.

The result was beyond imagination. Just not just clicking on the portal entertainment engine tab has lost more than 50% of the desire for mobile phones. There was no need to remove the cell phone in an invisible place. I didn’t see the entertainment engineer, so I didn’t have fun to see my cell phone. I could see how stimulating knights were in the meantime. I did not spend 100% of my time with my cell phone, but I got a significant mental and time -free spare. Nearly a year later, I still feel tempted to click on the entertainment tab, but I endure the deadly charm. Thanks to this, my smartphone and hands are safely preserved.

These days, I often say to my husband.